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Grow Revenue, Engagement & Audience

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Monetize Your Site

Generate revenue from your website or mobile app with targeted recommendations from our sponsored content marketplace that includes millions of items from top brands.


Increase Revenue from Native Advertising

Use Taboola to manage your native advertising campaigns at no cost. Maximize revenue with quality backfill and offer your clients an innovative performance-based pricing model.

Generate Revenue from Products and Services with Taboola-X


Generate Revenue from Products and Services with Taboola-X

Diversify your revenue by surfacing products and services your audience may like from across the Web using the Taboola-X real-time bidding environment.


Maintain Editorial Control with Taboola Choice

Empower your editorial team with complete visibility and control over the content recommended on your site, and allow your site visitors to filter content they don't like. 

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On Any Device

Taboola delivers top performance and non-compromising user experience on desktops, mobile devices and connected TVs. Our UX experts will help you make the Taboola implementation a resounding success, whether it's a site or a mobile app.

Targeted Audience Recirculation


Keep visitors on your site longer by recommending your content to them based on what they may like and which items will generate the most revenue.

Arm your editors with real-time, actionable data


Optimize your home page and lift CTR by up to 30% by helping your editors find the best performing headlines, thumbnails and locations of content items. 

Build Your Audience with taboola

Drive quality traffic to your site by getting your content recommended on other publisher sites. Taboola's algorithmic engine lets you reach the right audience based on your business goals, such as increasing email subscriptions or getting more video views.

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