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Taboola Feed has arrived - bringing the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks to the open web. It’s a game-changer for publisher revenue and advertiser performance.

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Wednesday May 24th

Taking a page from the social media giants, Taboola on Wednesday launched a feed that it said represents a new content-discovery experience for advertisers and publishers.

Wednesday May 24th

In the last couple of years, the idea of “cards” has gained steam for presenting online information. Google’s Material Design aesthetic depends on cards, Facebook feed items are shown as cards.

Wednesday May 24th

Taboola, the startup that works with hundreds of publishers to provide a set of links at the bottom of pages directing readers to more content on the site and elsewhere, has long positioned Facebook as the big competitor.


Thursday May 25th by Chad Rubin
Producing exciting, relevant and informative content is one of the best ways to inform, engage and convert leads into customers. Content marketing plays a crucial role in raising brand awareness,...
Wednesday May 24th by Adam Singolda
There is a problem with the open web experience as it is today—and mobile, in particular, feels at times as chaotic and disorienting as Times Square signage at night. It’s filled with too many...
Monday May 22nd by Megan Morreale
Digital education is a booming industry. More and more students and professionals want the flexibility that comes with at home or on-the-go learning. Online education and the companies behind them...