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Taboola Helps Bring Custom Hair Color to Tens of Thousands of eSalon Customers

“It’s one of our dreams for eSalon to become a brand that’s everywhere in the world—we want to become the go-to solution for people coloring their hair at home. Taboola has not only been a key partner in helping us achieve that, but has helped us find tens of thousands of new customers along the way.”

- Francisco Gimenez, CEO & Co-Founder of eSalon

eSalon is a tech beauty startup that provides custom blended hair color for home application. They sought to provide the convenience and affordability of boxed color, but with the personalization and quality of salon color. To date, they’ve shipped nearly 6 million orders, and they’re the only brand of their kind.

eSalon uses technology to amplify human expertise. Their proprietary system and color chart enable personal colorists to formulate at-home hair color online, with complete precision in minutes.

eSalon Reaches New Customers with Taboola Data Marketplace

eSalon Uses Content and a Gamified Conversion Funnel for Success

A life-long Taboola customer, eSalon was one of the first advertisers on the Taboola platform. Since the beginning, their mission has been to bring a new type of beauty product to the market—one that can be challenging to explain with short-form content.

With Taboola, eSalon was able to tell their story with organic, long-form content, providing potential customers with the opportunity to learn more about eSalon before taking their personalized survey and making a purchase.

This survey gamifies the journey for potential customers, taking the user through a personalized and fun experience before making a purchase from eSalon.

To achieve massive scale, eSalon leverage Taboola Data Marketplace, which allows them to target online buyers in the hair care segment.

Taboola Data Marketplace is fixing audience segmentation for the open web. It’s the first performance-based solution integrated with data companies from all over the world, connecting marketers with data companies to drive results and scale.

eSalon has Grown by 15x Since they Started Working with Taboola

eSalon has grown to about 15 times their original size since they started working with Taboola—this is based on the number of new customer they’ve acquired.

With Taboola, eSalon was able to find tens of thousands of new customers, increasing their CTR by 53% over time.

eSalon is currently targeting users in the US, with plans to expand over time.

Campaign Highlights:

Tens of Thousands of New Customers Acquired

53% Increase in Click- Through-Rate (CTR) Over Time


eSalon is a tech beauty startup that provides custom blended hair color for home application— the only beauty brand of its kind.


Reach customers that may be interested in an entirely new beauty product at scale—specifically, eSalon’s unique hair color offering.


Use Taboola Data Marketplace to segment and reach the right audience, and leverage Taboola’s unique storytelling platform to tell their brand’s story with longform content.


With Taboola, eSalon was able to find Thousands of new customers, increasing their CTR by 53% over time.