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Boxed Drives Sales Through Recent Media Coverage with Taboola

“Boxed is comprised of people with generosity built into their DNA. When we were covered on the ‘Today’ Show for recent activities for social good, we wanted to circulate it and turned to Taboola, which brought very high quality prospects.

With pixel-based tracking, we saw a lift in people taking action on site—people saw the clip, typed our website into the search bar and signed up. Some even made purchases!"

- Emily Kalen, Senior Manager of Media Strategy at Boxed

Boxed is the smartest way to stock up and save for home, for work, and for life. It is an online ecommerce site providing the products people love in bulk and delivering them straight to their door. They’re committed to their customers, employees, and community.

Boxed’s four fulfillment centers across the country allow for delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. in two business days or less, and most orders ship free. There are no membership fees, they are free samples, and a they provide a seamless app experience that keep customers coming back for more.

Boxed Finds Sales Value in Earned Media with High-Quality Taboola Traffic

Boxed is an online ecommerce site for wholesale goods with a CEO and team dedicated to social good. A recent piece of media coverage on the “Today” Show highlighted some of their recent efforts, and Boxed leveraged that coverage for brand awareness and to drive sign-ups and eventually sales.

Their acquisition goals are always performance based, including distribution of media coverage—they’re looking for channels that help them drive new quality customers that will be loyal in the long term. For Boxed, Taboola is a channel that helps establish quality.

Boxed Achieves Over 5,000 Actions with One Clip from the ‘Today’ Show Using Taboola

As they optimized with the Taboola team, Boxed achieved over 5,000 actions over the course of their campaign. They also achieved 3.18% increase in conversion rate—results that solidified Taboola as a channel for high-quality customer leads.

Boxed is looking to expand their relationship with Taboola, and experiment with larger campaigns as well as Taboola video in the near future.

Campaign Highlights:

1,496 Number of Sales Driven by One Piece of Content

+5,000 Number of Actions Driven by the Same Content Piece

3.18% Increase in Conversion Rate


Boxed is an online ecommerce site providing the products people love in bulk and delivering them straight to their door.


Leverage strong earned media coverage to increase brand awareness and drive more signups and sales.


Run campaigns on the Taboola discovery platform leveraging recent media coverage to circulate their brand, drive sentiment and drive purchases.


With Taboola, Boxed achieved over 5,000 actions and a 3.18% increase in conversion rate by leveraging this recent coverage.