Become a Master Marketer with Native Advertising

Taboola PRO Training & Certification for Ad Professionals

What You Will Learn

Native Advertising Fundamentals

  • Key principles of Native Advertising
  • Best practices: ad formats, targeting, creative design
  • Integrating Native Ads in media mix

The Taboola Ads Platform

  • In-depth training of the platform
  • Features, tools, reporting capabilities
  • Creating and optimizing campaigns

Campaign Optimization Strategies

  • Campaign optimization best practices
  • Bidding strategies, ad placements, targeting options
  • Taboola optimization algorithm insights

With Taboola PRO, you'll gain a competitive edge by learning how to effectively incorporate Native Advertising into your media mix and optimize your campaigns.

You'll also earn an industry certification that sets you apart as a Native Advertising professional.

Our Premium Partners

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“Being a part of Taboola Pro has enlightened our eyes and has made a great contribution to us in the professional field. It was both an educational and fun experience which is the perfect balance to learn and retain information!”

Ofir Morag User Acquisition Marketing Manager, Playtika

“The session (Taboola PRO) provided us with even deeper insights and learnings that will strengthen our expertise in Native Advertising in the long term. We can transfer this added value seamlessly into the client experience and thus further drive the success of our clients.”

David Said Head of Native Advertising

“We are excited to be the first in the region to enter Taboola’s partner program. We have been working with Taboola for over a year now and are able to deliver best-in-class native advertising services to our clients across the globe. We can aim to provide long term content solutions with incredible support, training, and advice from team Taboola.”

Tanja Bauer Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Purpur Media

Join our alumni of Taboola certified premium partners and get ahead in Native Advertising.

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