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Version Two Generated Over €1million in Sales for Gaio’s New Smartwatch Line During the Holidays Exclusively with Taboola

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Version Two Generated Over €1million in Sales for Gaio’s New Smartwatch Line During the Holidays Exclusively with Taboola

  • €1million+ In Sales Over the Holiday Season
  • 3.5x Return on Ad Spend
  • 400x Increase in Daily Revenue in Just One Month

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Version Two is a media agency committed to helping brands create content that converts and drives performance through native advertising.


Help new brands reach performance goals during the holidays by using native advertising — an often underutilized and misunderstood customer acquisition channel.


Use Taboola Image Ads, paired with custom landing pages to reach smartwatch buyers across premium publisher sites, targeting German-speaking audiences.


With Taboola, Version Two generated a 3.5x return on ad spend (ROAS) and 400x increase in daily revenue in just 30 days.

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Version Two, launched in 2019, is a performance media agency dedicated to helping brands create compelling content and copy that converts new customers. Version Two is particularly committed to helping brands realize the power of native advertising in driving customer acquisition and reaching performance goals.

Gaio’s Knauermann products stand for uncompromising quality and simple operation. The Knauermann satisfaction guarantees security when purchasing and a 15-day non-binding test option, but above all outstanding customer service.

Version Two Launches Taboola Image Ads for the Holidays Across Top-Tier Publisher Sites

Version Two Launches Taboola Image Ads for the Holidays Across Top-Tier Publisher Sites

Ahead of the holiday season, Version Two was working with smartwatch development company Gaio to launch Knauermann, a new brand of fitness watches specializing in health tracking aimed at over 40s. And they were ready to move beyond over-saturated channels like Google and Facebook.

Version Two knew that native advertising had the power to drive customer acquisition. Since native ads match the form of their surrounding content, they offer more intuitive and immersive user experiences. Version Two’s unparalleled expertise in native advertising helps brands like Gaio drive purchases through Taboola.

Version Two helped Gaio launch native Image Ads — consisting of an image, headline and description — across Taboola’s network of top-tier, vetted publisher sites. In fact, the agency was able to use historical performance data to only target audiences across the highest-performing publishers to generate the greatest ROI. They also geo-targeted German-speaking audiences in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Campaign creatives were carefully selected to maximize engagement. Images, for example, were purposefully not studio produced so that they’d feel more genuine and accessible, and also included close-up shots of products.

Those who clicked through were taken to custom landing pages or product pages designed just for this native campaign, where they could customize the look and feel of a watch. Data on the best selling customizations was then fed back through Version Two’s creative suite, where they used these consumer-customized designs as campaign images to further uplift conversion rates.

Version Two Drives 400x Increase in Daily Revenue for Gaio Exclusively with Native Ads from Taboola During the Holiday Season

Version Two launched their Taboola campaigns in November. By Christmas, the agency generated a 3.5x ROAS and 400x increase in daily revenue for Knauermann from these native ads. Since Knauermann had no other campaigns or traffic sources leading to its new e-commerce store, all holiday revenue was attributable to Taboola.

Version Two is now running Taboola campaigns for multiple Gaio watch brands. The agency will continue using native ads to increase revenue and acquire new customers at scale – not just during high-traffic seasons but also through the year. To date the Taboola activity has driven over €3million of revenue for Gaio brands.

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“We launched a holiday marketing native advertising campaign on behalf of Gaio across Taboola’s network of premium publisher sites. The Version Two team worked closely with them to optimize their creative and targeting strategies to launch a campaign in November, meeting the holiday rush. By Christmas, we had generated a 3.5x return on our ad spend. We’re now scaling Taboola Ads across multiple brands to continue increasing revenue from native campaigns.”

- Joe Williams, Founder, Version Two