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The Jakarta Post Generates 6% More Readers a Month with Taboola

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The Jakarta Post Looks to Find More Readers Outside of the Social Community

  • 6% Increase in Readers Generated Per Month
  • 7% of Total Traffic Generated by Taboola Per Month
  • 3x Average Session Duration than any Other Channel

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The Jakarta Post is a leading daily English language newspaper in Indonesia.


Increase number of readers for The Jakarta Post outside of their social community, and increase engagement with organic content.


Use Taboola Discovery Platform to promote organic content and find new audiences.


With Taboola, The Jakarta Post saw a 6% increase in readers per month—now 7% of monthly readers are generated from Taboola. Average session duration is 3x that of any other channel.

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The Jakarta Post is a daily English language newspaper in Indonesia. The paper is owned by PT Bina Media Tenggara, with the head office located in the nation’s capital, Jakarta.

The Jakarta Post is the only English-language newspaper in Indonesia. They now deliver more multimedia content and curated user generated content (UGC), to enrich each reader’s experience.

As Indonesia’s leading English-language daily newspaper, The Jakarta Post aspires to be a leading media company in the Southeast Asia region and an accurate information engine to that brings Indonesia towards more humane, pluralistic and democratic civil society.

The Jakarta Post Looks to Find More Readers Outside of the Social Community

The Jakarta Post originally built their community through social media and email marketing, and later expanded to other paid marketing platforms to expand readership, like Taboola.

They faced a targeting challenge on social platforms, as they were promoting English-language content in a non English speaking country.

With Taboola, they were able to overcome this targeting problem while also making the process more simple-with other marketing channels, the team had to create individual ads, target manually and create new creatives for each campaign.

They also had the option to use one campaign structure for all creatives, saving them valuable time. After working with Taboola, The Jakarta Post began promoting lifestyle articles alongside others on their site when they saw successful performance.

Taboola Positively Impacts Monthly Readers and Average Pages Per Session

For The Jakarta Post, Taboola generates twice the amount of pages per session and three times the average session duration than any other channel. Taboola traffic now contributes more than 7% of total traffic per month for The Jakarta Post, and 6% additional readers per month.

Traffic from Taboola has around 20% lower bounce rate, better than other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

The Jakarta Post is very happy with Taboola account management, which they described as helpful from the start in terms of increasing click-through-rate (CTR).

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We wanted to grow our number of readers outside of the social community. With Taboola, we not only see higher amounts of traffic and improved engagement.” “It’s easy to manage because everything is in one place-it saves us a lot of time.

- Nezar Patria, Editor in Chief of The Jakarta Post and Annisa Steviani, Social Media & Community Manager of The Jakarta Post Respectively