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Kapten & Son Increases ROAS by 61% with Taboola Ads

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Kapten & Son Increases ROAS by 61% with Taboola Ads

  • 61% Increase in ROAS
  • 21% Decrease in vCPM

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Kapten & Son is a German retailer that designs stylish accessories for the global citizen.


Drive brand awareness and e-commerce purchases during a one-week flash sale.


Use Taboola Image Ads and retargeting tools to advertise products across relevant publisher sites.


With Taboola, Kapten & Son was able to increase ROAS by 61% and decrease vCPM by 21% in just one week.

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Kapten & Son, founded in 2014, is a German retailer that designs stylish accessories for the global citizen.

Kapten & Son supports its customers’ lifestyles with cutting-edge fashion products, authentic storytelling, and a passionate team. Its products offer an unmatched combination of quality, timeless German design, and the promise to be a stylish companion for every journey — whether you’re navigating the daily urban jungle or exploring far-away places.

Kapten & Son Drives E-Commerce Purchases During Flash Sale with Taboola Ads

Kapten & Son wanted to increase brand awareness among prospective customers for an upcoming flash sale.

Taboola had the tools to help.

As the world’s largest content recommendation platform, Taboola reaches over 500 million daily active users with personalized, branded content. Taboola is a leader in powering e-commerce recommendations, driving more than 1 million monthly transactions. For Kapten & Son, Taboola provided the tools to advertise specific products for its sale and increase revenue on the open web.

Kapten & Son worked hand-in-hand with their Taboola account team to build Image Ads promoting backpacks, sunglasses, computer glasses, and watches. The ads were equipped with custom visuals and call-to-action buttons. And each one led to a dedicated e-commerce page where customers could learn more about the available products and make a purchase.

In just one week, Kapten & Son saw a 61% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and 21% decrease in viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM).

Taboola Retargeting Helps Kapten & Son Increase Revenue While Lowering Costs

Kapten & Son made the most of their budget by using Taboola tools to retarget people who were most likely to convert.

With the Taboola Pixel on their site, Kapten & Son could easily identify people who’d already completed a certain action but hadn’t made a purchase. Kapten & Son then used dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to reach those customers with personalized ad creatives featuring the products they engaged with. These customized ads were generated in real time based on each user’s data, prompting customers with another opportunity to check out and convert.

After their incredibly successful flash sale, Kapten & Son looks forward to launching future prospecting campaigns and reaching even more customers with Taboola.

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“Taboola helped us increase ROAS at a significantly better vCPM during our flash sale. We were able to collect a wealth of impressions as a result. The Taboola account team also provided very strong support in discussing campaign setups, targeting, and ad creation.”

- Lesa Menke, Team Lead Performance Marketing, Kapten & Son