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Taboola Generates 80% Lower Bounce Rates Than Display for Big Decisions

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How Taboola Reaches Highly-Engaged Audiance Across The Web

  • 80% Lower Bounce Rates Than Display
  • 8K Email Newsletter Subscriptions

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Big Decisions is a financial website offering easy-to-use calculation tools and educational resources that help users manage their personal finances.


Educate new audiences across the web about Big Decisions and attract new users to their personal finance services.


Leverage Taboola’s discovery platform to promote educational landing pages to highly-engaged users on top sites across the web.


Discovery campaigns generated over 8,000 subscriptions for Big Decisions’ email newsletter; Taboola-referred users spent more than 3.5 minutes on-site, and generated 4 pages-per-visit, surpassing the results of traditional advertising campaigns.

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Big Decisions is an innovative online resource for financial decision making, offering a variety of easy-to-use calculator tools and educational materials which allow people to better manage their personal finances. The site makes complicated financial planning easy: users simply input their financial information and receive guidance crucial to money management, whether they’re deciding between different life and health insurance policies or budgeting monthly education and retirement savings.

Over the past year, Big Decisions revolutionized their marketing campaigns, investing in discovery technology when it had previously focused on traditional display advertising mediums, such as banner ads. Through its strategic partnership with Taboola, Big Decisions boosted engagement rates and expanded its viewership, reaching a larger, higher-quality audience than ever before.

Highly-England Discovery Users Spend 3.5 Minutes, and Consume 4 Pages, Per Visit

Highly-England Discovery Users Spend 3.5 Minutes, and Consume 4 Pages, Per Visit

Taboola’s discovery platform matches users across the web with content they may like but never knew existed. Using a predictive algorithm, Taboola analyzes hundreds of signals about users’ consumption behavior, delivering personalized content recommendations on top sites across the web. These high-impact placements reach audiences at a valuable moment when they are already engaged with a piece of content and open to discovering something new.

Big Decisions partnered with Taboola to educate new audiences across the web about the concept of retirement and how financial calculators can ensure that people are prepared to live a comfortable life after they step away from a full-time role. By recommending educational campaigns on relevant news and business sites, Big Decisions quickly found that Taboola-referred users were more engaged than any other channel, spending three-and-a-half minutes on-site and consuming four pages-per-visit.

Creative Optimization Drives 80% Lower Bounce Rates Than Display

To further refine Big Decisions’ discovery campaigns, both teams worked together on experimenting with different creative elements, including headlines and thumbnail images. Taboola’s A/B testing used dozens of creative combinations to uncover which campaigns performed the best, and then scaled those “winners” across the network.

As a result of these creative optimizations, combined with Taboola’s predictive technology, Big Decisions saw its overall bounce rate from Taboola-referred users drop to 17 percent—over 80 percent lower than bounce rates for similar audiences driven by display channels.

Taboola Generates Over 8,000 Digital Newsletter Subscriptions

Following the successful ramp up of these campaigns, Big Decisions saw significant growth in its lead-generation efforts, securing over 8,000 newsletter subscriptions over four months. Impressed with these results, as well as the higher engagement rates seen from Taboola-referred users, Big Decisions will be expanding its discovery efforts to support other on-site offerings, including projects focused on life insurance and financial planning for higher education.

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Given the complexity of many personal finance subjects, Taboola’s discovery platform enabled us to promote our story with audiences that were not only relevant, but also highly-engaged and open to learning more about Big Decisions. We’re excited to continue ramping up our efforts with Taboola and discovery in the coming months.

- Ankit Dhadda, Digital Marketing Manager at Big Decisions