Taboola and Grupo Godó sign exclusive long term partnership

Taboola (NASDAQ:TBLA), the world leader in content recommendations for the open web, which helps people discover things they might like, today announces an agreement with Grupo Godó to exclusively power native advertising of all of its owned properties.

Grupo Godó’s media portfolio includes national and international prestige media such as La Vanguardia, the Group’s flagship, a leading newspaper in Catalonia and Spain, with more than 140 years of history. It also includes the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, and, the news portal in Catalan that also offers a live and on-demand radio service.

Grupo Godó will leverage all of Taboola’s products, which allow the recirculation of content, increase engagement or generate more traffic with tools such as the Taboola News news aggregator, which offers new audiences to media from mobile devices.

Grupo Godó’s collaboration with Taboola begins in January and will allow all Grupo Godó’s publications to respond to their digital needs for monetization, user engagement, recirculation of their own editorial content and audience exchange between their different titles. In addition, with Taboola Feed, it will offer a personalized content feed for mobile traffic on all Grupo Godó sites. The implementation of this feed will consist of a content scroll at the end of each editorial article with personalized recommendations for readers, which will include both those sponsored and those of the medium, according to the criteria of each medium.

“The alliance with Taboola helps us reinforce our position as the leading Group in the media market in Spain. Since by implementing its native advertising technology and its real-time monitoring tools of the topics that most interest users, we are able to offer the content that our readers demand the most. In addition, we consolidated our media strategy since we were able to cover our digital needs for monetization, engagement and recirculation of our editorial content, as well as exchange audiences between our different titles”, says Ivan Grau, Director of Godó Strategies.

For his part, Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder of Taboola, highlights the position of Grupo Godó as a publishing leader in our country. “Grupo Godó has demonstrated its legacy as one of Spain’s longest-running publishing groups and it has become a must-read destination for many millions of readers. As their readership grows, Taboola is now proud to support new ways for their readers to engage with more content across its properties and across more devices, as well give them new ways to monetize that can fuel even further growth.”