Leading Digital Ad Agency Kendago Extends Multi-Year Strategic Partnership With Taboola And Will Implement Platform As Primary Acquisition Channel For All Of Its Clients

New York, NY, December 9, 2020Taboola, the world’s leading discovery platform, today announced a long-term strategic partnership with Kendago, a leading digital advertising agency that scales direct-to-consumer brands like Trim Down Club, VShred and G-Plans. Taboola’s platform enables brands to capitalize on AI and machine learning to reach consumers at scale across premium editorial sites to support brand awareness and acquisition goals.

Kendago used data insights from Taboola Newsroom, which taps readership data from more than 1.4 billion users each month, to build acquisition models promoting their DTC client base. Taboola’s unique readership data showed on average over 1.5 billion page views about weight loss during the last six months and an increase of 265% in the last 90 days about DTC in the U.S. Kendago was able to justify more investment on behalf of brands like Trim Down Club, its comprehensive health and wellness program with over 2M customers, and were able to increase subscriptions by 87% after advertising with Taboola. 

Kendago used Taboola Video to engage their audience with high-visibility placements across premium editorial sites, resulting in a 42% increase in CTR, 31% increase in video completion rate, and an overall increase in their video viewability rate. The Kendago team also made use of The Taboola Creative Shop, a program that supports brands and media agencies in their execution and optimization of campaign creatives. Recommendations leverage data from hundreds of thousands of successful advertising campaigns, as well as thousands of ongoing A/B tests.

“We’ve been working with Taboola for a long time with great success. What really impressed me more than anything is their partnership approach and ability to provide us with end-to-end support on all fronts, including with marketing and creative,” said Rafi Magen, CEO, Kendago. ”Working together with our internal teams enables us not only to scale campaigns but also to maintain this high scale for very long periods of time”. Video advertising is a big part of what we do, and Taboola’s exclusive partnerships present a huge opportunity for D2C advertisers to increase their ROI and diversify their cold traffic sources. We found that in many cases, the traffic from Taboola’s network also has a higher LTV, which helps the high scale. Making acquisition campaigns work on Taboola required us to develop new methodologies on both the campaign management and creative sides, and on that front, Taboola’s team and The Creative Shop played a pivotal role in our long term success.”

“It’s very exciting for us to partner with Kendago, and Rafi and the team on a larger scale – the Kendago team always has innovation at their forefront,” said Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO, Taboola.Taboola is growing exceptionally fast, much of it with direct response campaigns of D2C brands, utilizing the new tools Taboola added and especially our video inventory. We are pleased  to be working together with Kendago to create high performing campaigns across the entire purchase funnel, from driving awareness and all the way to a subscription”. “Kendago’s use of our readership data, which shows upwards of 1.5 billion page views around weight loss trends throughout the last 6 months, has been a key part of Kendago’s acquisition model for Trim Down Club’s success.” 

About Taboola

Taboola helps people discover what’s interesting and new. The company’s platform and suite of products, powered by deep learning and the largest dataset of content consumption patterns on the open web, is used by over 20,000 companies to reach over 1.4 billion people each month. Advertisers use Taboola to reach their target audience when they’re most receptive to new messages, products and services. Digital properties, including publishers, mobile carriers and handset manufacturers, use Taboola to drive audience monetization and engagement. 

Some of the most innovative digital properties in the world have strong relationships with Taboola, including CNBC, NBC News, USA TODAY, BILD, Sankei, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Independent, El Mundo, and Le Figaro. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in 18 cities worldwide.

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