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Advertise with Taboola to Grow your Business

Taboola Discovery works at all stages of the marketing funnel – from awareness to consideration to conversions

Make an Impression

Reach brand awareness goals by sharing your message with content and video in brand-safe, highly viewable environments across the world’s top publishers

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Our native exclusive Taboola Feed placements put your content and videos on center stage on premium publishers, capturing user attention when they are most open to discovering new things.


Run non-intrusive, highly viewable, and large-player video campaigns on CPM and CPCV through programmatic or managed service channels.
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Brand Safety First

To guarantee your brand appears in safe and viewable environments, we proudly partner with industry leaders in viewability, verification, and fraud services.


Create Interest

Reach new audiences, generate high quality leads, and share positive news to promote your business

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Lead Generation

Develop relationships with your users for the long-term. Drive quality traffic with entertaining or useful information and generate leads.

Earned Media

Nothing beats a recommendation. Build trust by amplifying third party testimonials about your brand across the web.


Drive Results

Increase conversions with the right mix of data segmentation and performance optimization across mobile and desktop at scale.

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Data Marketplace

Focus on your target audience by targeting audience segments that are directly accessible in the Taboola platform from leading data providers.


Re-engage users that have shown interest in your brand by targeting them closer to the point of sale.

Ongoing Optimization

Our unique algorithm and optimization tools allow you to stay ROI focused – delivering higher conversion rates and lowering Cost Per Action (CPA).

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