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Taboola Choice

We Recommend. You Choose.

Taboola Choice empowers hundreds of millions of people and thousands of publishers to personalize the Web. We enable publishers to drive editorial voice and brand safety, while giving consumers the choice to personalize their content discovery experience.

Choice for Publishers

Gain complete control over the content discovery experience on your site. Using inline editorial controls, you can decide when to refresh content, to promote content your users like, and to filter content that you prefer not to recommend. Because Taboola indexes millions of videos and articles, you can always choose the content experience that best suits your brand and audience.

Choice for Users

Empower consumers to choose their own content experience.  In addition to Taboola’s patent-pending recommendation engine that predicts what content users are likely to find interesting, Taboola allows its user community of 300M to provide feedback on content they don’t like and choose what they’d prefer not to see again. This takes the personalized content experience to a new level for users, while providing invaluable insights to publishers.

As people discover content with Taboola, they can now simply click “X” on recommended articles or videos that they do not like and they can provide feedback as to why. This results in the user never seeing that article or video again across Taboola’s entire network of publishers.