Scroll-in | Sees 30% More Pages-Per-Visit from Taboola Visitors than Any Other Channel

“The only thing more impressive than Taboola’s digital reach is its account management team. Working with Taboola feels less like a client-provider relationship and more like we have new members on our marketing team.
Their managers really get into the trenches with us to make sure we’re constantly optimizing our campaigns, and the results have been excellent.”

- Jennifer O’brien, Co-Founder,

Scroll is an independent digital media company. focuses on the most important political and cultural stories shaping contemporary India. The company’s aggressive strategy has attracted millions of unique monthly visitors, an audience that continues to grow.

To accelerate that growth, they were keen to explore options for content distribution beyond social platforms, which are becoming increasingly cluttered. Teaming up with Taboola, leveraged the power of discovery to target engaged audiences on top sites across the web. Reaches New Audiences 

Working closely with the team, Taboola’s account managers suggested best practices that have proven to generate engagement across the network.

Multivariate tests of different creative elements like thumbnail images and headlines uncovered optimal combinations for top-performing creatives, boosting overall click-through-rate (CTR).

They also analyzed how performance metrics differed across the Taboola discovery network, optimizing campaigns toward sites where audiences were most engaged and enabling to better allocate its budget.

The Taboola discovery platform uses an advanced predictive engine to match people with content they may like but never knew existed. These personalized recommendations are delivered through high-impact placements alongside editorial on premium websites, reaching audiences at a valuable moment when they are already consuming content and open to discovering new stories.

By promoting featured content items on Taboola, was able to recruit new groups of readers in a targeted and cost-effective way.

Taboola Audiences Bounce 35% Less and Read 30% More Pages Per Visit

Readers that discovered content through Taboola proved to be especially engaged after arriving on the website. Bounce rates were 35 percent lower amongst the Taboola-referred segment, reflecting the benefit of reaching targeted audiences that are in a “discovery” mindset.

Taboola users were also more likely to stay on-site after finishing the piece of content, consuming 30 percent more pages-per-visit than competing traffic sources. These figures are in line with data from Taboola’s network, which have found that discovery regularly drives lower bounce rates, and higher sessions-per-visit, than search or social channels.

Optimization Introduces More Highly-Engaged Readers to

By attracting interested audiences with relevant content, Taboola delivered highly engaged readers to the website. Bounce rates were 35% lower for Taboola-referred visitors, reflecting the benefit of reaching audiences in a “discovery” mindset.
Taboola users were also more likely to stay on-site after finishing a content item, consuming 30% more pages-pervisit than competing traffic sources.

Building on the success of these initial campaigns, Scroll. in plans to increase its spend on discovery marketing to introduce new and highly engaged readers to one of India’s fastest-growing online destinations.


35% Decrease in Bounce Rate

30% Increase in Pages Per Visit than Competing Channels

Scroll is an independent digital media company, and focuses on the most important political and cultural stories shaping contemporary India.

Drive audience growth beyond cluttered social media platforms.

Use the Taboola discovery platform to reach relevant audiences open to discovering new stories and content.

With Taboola, reduced their bounce rate by more than 35%, while increasing pages per visit by 30% compared to competing channels.