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The Line Uses Taboola and Content Marketing to Drive Sales

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Targeted Audience through Taboola’s Content Discovery Platform

  • +72M Impressions In 3 Months
  • 100% Increase In Traffic
  • 12% Email Subscriber Growth

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The Line is a an online boutique that curates products from both established and emerging designers and are placed in context through inspiring editorial features.


Reach new audience and boost brand awareness.


Leverage Taboola’s content discovery platform for customer acquisition and retention.


Increase in overall brand awareness gained through content discovery.

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The Line is an online boutique that offers a unique shopping experience, showcasing products that can be found at their brick and mortar store, The Apartment by The Line, located in New York City’s upscale SoHo shopping district. With refined, versatile, and honest goods from emerging creatives across fashion, home, and beauty, The Line’s quintessential collections are stripped down and built to last.

A Unique Digital Storytelling Strategy

A Unique Digital Storytelling Strategy

The Line chose to weave traditional storytelling techniques into their content (quite literally) and even went so far as to create “chapters” as a way to reach their audience and offer products for consideration.

Chapter 13 is called “Part of a Whole: Building a Timeless Wardrobe” and features select apparel that is refined, neutral, and textured. Similarly, Chapter 24 is named “Uncompromisingly Natural: Botanical Beauty by Susanne Kaufmann” and transports the reader to Austria’s Bregenz Forest on the north side of the Alps where Kaufmann’s line of spa treatments and body soothing products derive from.

Stories like these are carefully crafted to match the brand’s voice and serve as the essence behind The Line’s content marketing strategy to engage potential consumers. After readers learn about the origin and mythological aesthetics behind wood, stone and metal, they may be more inclined to consider “authentically modern” housewares such as the The Line’s Creel and Gow Amethyst Bowl or the High Quality Petrified Wood with Steel Base cocktail table.

Results that Speak Volumes

In the past, customers primarily learned about The Line via word-of-mouth and email marketing campaigns, and the team wanted to strengthen their outreach efforts as much as possible. After leveraging the full power of Taboola’s content discovery platform, The Line’s content earned over 72 million impressions and an almost 100% traffic increase in February alone. Their e-commerce team was also pleasantly surprised by email subscriber growth, which spiked by 12%.

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“Taboola has been one of the most effective ways to bring first time visitors to the site compared to other mediums; we have been able to build our online audience, deliver content to users who engage, consume, and continue to stay in touch later on. The ability to place and optimize content for the best results in real-time to our target audience has been invaluable while building the business and protecting our brand in the process.”

- Bailey Foote, eCommerce Manager, The Line