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Prestige Group Reaches 19 Million People and Sees Significant Increase in Brand Awareness with Taboola

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Prestige Group Sees 9 Million Completed Video Views with Taboola Video

  • 19 million Impressions
  • 9 million Completed Video Views
  • 100% Video Viewability
  • 8,000 Leads Generated from Video + Sponsored Content

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Prestige Group is one of the most successful leading developers of real estate in India.


Increase conversions while simultaneously decreasing cost per conversion, and increase brand awareness.


Use Taboola video and Taboola sponsored content to lift brand awareness and increase high-quality, low- cost conversions.


With Taboola, Prestige Group saw 9 million completed video views, 19 million impressions, 100% video viewability, and 8,000 leads generated.

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Prestige Group is a leading real estate developer in India with 205 landmark developments across Bangalore, along with additional properties across Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Mangalore and Goa.

Prestige Group’s primary focus is to ensure that potential buyers are aware of available real estate, as well as their brand, and lowering their cost per conversion while maintaining a high quality of leads.

Prestige Group Uses Taboola Video to Increase Awareness

Prestige Group Uses Taboola Video to Increase Awareness

Taboola’s in-house creative studio creates video content that optimizes engagement and results for clients. The studio team helps to drive ROI using creative best practices and features like custom overlays, end-slates and more.

With Taboola Video, Prestige Group saw over 9 million completed video views and over 20 million impressions in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Kochi, Hyderabad and PAN India.

Prestige Group Reaches the Right Audience with Taboola Sponsored Content

Prestige Group is able to reach a wide audience in India, and they want to be sure that in doing so, they’re reaching the right potential client at exactly the right moment.

For them, Taboola sponsored content provided this exact solution. With Taboola sponsored content, advertisers are able to directly access 1.4 billion people through Taboola’s exclusive and long-term agreements with the world’s most premium digital properties.

With this premium reach, Prestige Group was not only able to feel in control of the quality of their conversions, but they were also able to acquire those conversions at a lower cost. Sponsored content campaigns combined with video generated 8,000 leads for Prestige Group.

Prestige Group Finds True Partners in Taboola Sales And Account Management Team

Prestige Group feels confident in Taboola because of results, but also largely in part to the sales and account management team they work with.

“Working closely with the Taboola team has added so much value to our campaigns. The sales and account management teams are such a big asset for Taboola.” – Ms. Uzma Irfan – Director Corporate Communications, Prestige Group.

As a result of the close bond formed with their Taboola sales and account management team, Prestige Group plans to work closely with Taboola on future campaigns.

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The Taboola team is so efficient and available around the clock. They help us smoothly run campaigns, and they truly give clients the best service.

- Ms. Uzma Irfan, Director Corporate Communications, Prestige Group