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Online Dating Conversions Increase 113% for Parship with Taboola

“ As one of the biggest providers of online dating services in Europe, it’s our goal to find the perfect match for everyone. A good relationship makes people happy, and the world a better place—Taboola supports us in this mission with their incredible reach of quality audiences.”

- Dominik Winnen, Online Marketing Manager, Parship

Parship was founded in 2001 and is Germany’s and Europe’s first and one of the biggest online dating services. The Parship principle is a scientifically based method that follows the maxim: “as many similarities as possible, as many differences as necessary.”

It allows singles to search for a serious relationship with the best possible chances of success. Parship currently offers its services in a total of 13 countries.

Taboola Drives New, High-Quality Users to Dating Service Parship

Parship Gains Access to Premium Publisher Sites in One Central Location with Taboola

The Parship team believes that people are not meant to be alone and that there is a match for each and every one of us. It’s their mission to find that special person for their customers, but to do so, they need to fuel their service with a high volume of potential matches.

Parship uses several channels, from search to display, for performance marketing and faced a lack of transparency and access to various publishers in some of those channels.

With Taboola, they were not only able to find the right customers looking for a partnership, but were able to increase their brand awareness through online campaigns in order to differentiate discovery campaigns from their television and banner ads.

What originally attracted Parship to Taboola was the quality of publisher partnerships, the transparency in regards to the publisher network, and the fact that they could reach those audiences from one central location. In addition, the cost-per-click (CPC) billing model suited their strategy and the continuously reach audiences at scale.

The success of their campaign was fueled by several landing pages that include content demonstrating the benefits of Parship’s service.

Taboola Increases Conversions YoY for Parship by 113%

With Taboola, Parship saw a high CTR immediately. Coupled with a good conversion rate, their campaign was able to attract a large number of new members to their dating service.

Parship found thousands of new users, and increased their conversion rate and CTR by 113% and 80% respectively.

In addition, Parship experienced high-quality support from the Taboola team during their initial set-up, received advice on new Taboola products and are happy with their account management.

Parship looks forward to expanding their relationship with Taboola to include app marketing and branded video.

Campaign Highlights:

113% Increase in Conversions Year Over Year (YoY)

80% Increase in clickthrough- rate (CTR)


Parship was founded in 2001 and is Germany’s and Europe’s first and one of the biggest online dating services.


Find more people interested in Parship’s services at scale, while also getting the opportunity to emphasize the advantage of their platform.


Use the Taboola to distribute landing pages that emphasize Parship’s advantages across premium publisher sites.


With Taboola, Parship was able to find thousands of new users, and increase their conversions YoY and CTR by 113% and 80% respectively.