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Odisha TV Improves User Experience with Taboola Feed

“The improvement in user experience with Taboola Feed is really what sold us on the product. Switching from an infinite scroll of articles to the Taboola Feed was a no-brainer after seeing the uplift in both revenue and engagement with organic content.”

- Ramesh Sonaimuthu, Digital Head, Odisha Television Limited

Odishatv.in is an initiative by Odisha Television to connect internet users to the latest information about Odisha and beyond.

The site covers Odisha State, and offers a wide spectrum of subjects such as history, demography, art and culture, tourism, and more. Odisha Television Ltd is the pioneering media venture behind OTV, and aims to redefine television viewing in Odisha.

OTV, its flagship brand, is known for its free, fair and unbiased news reporting. The channel is respected for its integrity and commitment to set and practice enviable standards of journalism.

OTV Content Consumers Engage with a Mix of Sponsored and Organic Content with Taboola Feed

Taboola Feed Replaces OTV’s Previous Infinite Scroll Strategy

OTV has always been invested in the experience their viewers have when consuming their content.

Part of that experience included an infinite scroll environment, which they’ve found to be effective. Prior to implementing Taboola Feed, they were using an infinite scroll version of the Taboola Widget.

The Taboola Feed improved user experience and increased revenue for OTV by bringing the engaging environment users are used to on social media platforms to their site, providing a mix of sponsored and organic content.

Basic Bananas Registrations Rose While Costs Dropped

By implementing a more engaging infinite scroll environment on-site, OTV was able to achieve all goals. With Taboola, OTV was able to increase RPM by 15x, and achieve an organic CTR of 6% in just 3 months.

They look forward to expanding their relationship with Taboola through implementation of Taboola Feed and Taboola technologies on their mobile application. Increasingly impressed with the support of the Taboola team, OTV is also looking into Taboola Newsroom to support editorial efforts.

Campaign Highlights:

15x Increase in Revenue Per Mille (RPM)

6%+ Organic Click-through- rate (CTR)


Odisha TV (OTV) is India-based Odisha Television Ltd.’s flagship brand and is known for its free, fair and unbiased news reporting.


Improve the experience of site visitors with more organic circulation of content, while also increasing revenue by moving away from an infinite scroll of articles. 


Implement Taboola Feed to bring content consumers an engaging environment in which they can interact with both sponsored and organic content. 


With Taboola, OTV was able to increase RPM by 15x, and achieve an organic CTR of 6% in just 3 months.