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Taboola Consistently Lifts Campaign Results for Content Marketing Agency, Imagination

“Taboola is an invaluable platform for content marketing agencies, offering a powerful way for clients to reach their target markets, cost-efficiently and at scale, whether running small-budget campaigns or multi-million dollar content distribution programs.”

— Yuris Bendiks, Paid Distribution Manager, Imagination

Imagination is a full-service content marketing agency based in Chicago and serving clients across digital, video, social media formats and more. The team works with clients from the early stages of content strategy through custom content creation and ultimately distribution.

To help boost the potential ROI of these campaigns, Imagination leverages Taboola’s discovery platform to reach valuable audiences across the web in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Taboola Leads to Better Campaign Performance for Imagination Clients

Taboola Drives Better Results than Adwords for Financial Services Client

For a financial services client, Imagination ran a campaign of more than 40 articles on basic financial advice and tips, promoting content through Taboola.

With a budget of $30,000, the team generated more than 300 million impressions and 328,000 clicks for its client, with more scale and efficiency than AdWords.

Senior Living Campaign Sees 150% Increase in Web Traffic

When a senior living community provider was looking to reach new audiences online, Imagination’s team conducted an overhaul of the company website and created a library of informative content in the form of articles, photos, videos and quizzes.

Imagination promoted these items through Taboola and increased traffic to the company website by more than 150%.

Retailer  Generates  275,000  New  Web  Visitors  with  Taboola  

Imagination has crafted several content-driven online campaigns for one of the nation’s leading home improvement chains. Promoting these featured content items through Taboola has generated more than 430 million impressions and 275,000 clicks to-date.

Campaign Highlights:

150% Increase  in  Web  Traffic

27k+ Number of New Visitors

32K+ Number of Clicks

ImaginationImagination is a full-service content marketing agency based in Chicago, Illinois.

Boost the return on investment (ROI) for clients running content marketing campaigns.

Leverage Taboola’s discovery network to reach highly valuable audiences across the web in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Using Taboola, Imagination increased web traffic by 150%, received 27K+ new visitors to their client’s site, and saw 32K+ clicks.