Case Study High CVR from an Incredibly Niche Audience Thanks to Taboola Segments Logo Reaches High Quality Audience that Converts Through Educational Content

  • 10x Increase in Traffic in Two Years
  • 3 New Markets Successfully Launched and Scaled, Including the US

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Company is the global online leader in the hearing aid industry, with over 800,000 consultations each year.


Reach’s very targeted, niche audience at scale while achieving performance and acquisition goals.


Run campaigns on the Taboola discovery platform to drive quality traffic to’s content, converting at a high rate.


With Taboola, was able to scale its marketing efforts with stable conversion rates, including the increase of 10x the traffic in two years and the successful launch of 3 new markets, including the US.

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Introduction provides customers in 10 countries with optimal solutions for hearing needs, free expert advice on the phone, and testing of the latest hearing aids at a close location.

The team of hearing aid experts and experienced audiologists helps customers find the hearing aid that fits their hearing situation and lifestyle. In Germany, they work with more than 1,000 of the best audiologists, guaranteeing professional adjustment of hearing aids close to their customer’s home. In the US, the number of audiologists they work with exceeds 1,600. Reaches High Quality Audience that Converts Through Educational Content Reaches High Quality Audience that Converts Through Educational Content

Due to the nature of their product, needs to educate the potential customer about the advancements in the hearing aid industry. The audience they target is in the discovery phase. It takes a person seven years on average to go from from realizing that they have a hearing loss to actively doing something about it. is actively trying to shorten this period and thereby improve the quality of life of those impacted. Taboola helps reach users when they are in the mindset to discover something new.

As they ingest content about hearing loss solutions, they are driven to action— landing pages are a balance between educational content about hearing loss and a direct response. Optimizes for Success with Laser-Focused Targeting Adjustments reaches their audience by using Taboola segments and continuously optimizing sponsored content and spending. The campaigns were complex—they clustered different geographies and different performance groups to get the right performance on the right campaigns. created content for each specific region for even more success. For example, they created customized ad copy and landing pages based on geographic regions within a specific country.

Taboola Allows to Scale Content Discovery with a Performance Marketing Focus uses several other channels for acquisition, and has ran into challenges targeting their niche. With Taboola, they see much more scale and have the ability to add new traffic sources often.

Over time they were able to scale Taboola in all ten target countries and increase Taboola traffic 10x over two years. With this traffic, they successfully launched three new markets, including the US. values Taboola services and finds their account management team dedicated, active and creative—they’re ‘members of the family.

The leading hearing aid consultancy and solution provider is looking to expand their relationship with Taboola in the future by testing new targeting features and formats.

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Due to the nature of our customer base, our content only interests a very particular audience. We’re looking to target middle age, highly active and educated people that need hearing aids to cope with hearing loss in their dynamic lives. With Taboola, we found success and scale driving sales from our specific niche.

- Catalina Pistol, Head of Display & Cooperations at