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Taboola Beats Search During Holiday Shopping Season, Driving 300% Higher Returns For Leading HDTV Retailer

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Taboola Broadens The Bucket Of Prospective TV Buyers

  • 300% Higher Return on Advertising Spend
  • 11X Lower Cost Per-Session

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A leading US consumer electronics company that produces high-definition televisions and cutting-edge home audio systems at affordable prices.


Drive new sales and maximize the impact of the company’s online marketing budgets during the competitive holiday shopping season.


Promote its latest 4K/UHD TVs through Taboola, reaching new audiences across the web in a cost-efficient way and widening the base of prospective customers.


Taboola generated a 300 percent higher return on advertising spend (ROAS), and an 11-times lower cost-per-session, than the marketer’s related search campaigns.

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The holiday season is crunch time for any consumer-facing company, as those weeks leading up to the new year often account for a majority of retailers’ annual sales revenue. In 2015, American online shoppers spent close to $10 billion over Thanksgiving weekend alone, spurred by the unofficial holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (according to data released by Adobe).

While this period offers a great opportunity for all kinds of retailers to reach high-intent consumers that are in the market for new goods and services, it is also a notoriously difficult time to run effective marketing campaigns, given the vast number of competing businesses vying for consumer attention.

In order to broaden its base of prospective customers, and drive new sales in a more efficient way during the holiday season, a leading US consumer electronics company (referred to as “CE TVs”) utilized Taboola’s discovery platform to promote its latest line of 4K/Ultra-High Definition TVs.

Taboola Broadens The Bucket Of Prospective TV Buyers

Prior to partnering with Taboola, CE TVs’ digital marketing efforts were largely based around search marketing campaigns. This approach proved effective for targeting high-intent consumers who were in the market for a new TV, but it also neglected to reach people who might be interested in learning about a new UHD TV, even if they weren’t actively searching for one.

Taboola’s discovery platform offered a valuable complement to these search-based efforts. Through its personalized recommendations on top sites across the web, Taboola matched CE TVs’ educational content and product pages with new audiences during high-impact moments when they were steeped in “content consumption mode” and open to discovering something new.

Targeting Both Ends Of The Customer Funnel

In order to maximize the impact of its digital marketing spend, Taboola worked with CE TVs on promoting two separate campaigns: an educational overview page directed at broader audiences learning about UHD TVs for the first time, and a simplified product page for prospective customers that were closer to making a purchase.

Taboola’s predictive technology, combined with third-party data from leading marketing intelligence partners, enabled CE TVs to promote each of its landing pages with the appropriate audiences, driving top-funnel awareness goals as well as in-session purchases.

These discovery campaigns further complemented the retailer’s robust search marketing efforts, as UHD TV purchases are a high-consideration decision that often involve multistep customer journeys. After new prospective customers learned about UHD TV offerings through a related Taboola campaign, CE TVs’ search-based marketing enabled them to re-engage those users in a high-intent setting and generate incremental sales.

Discovery Outperforms Search: 300% Higher Return-On-Investment

While Taboola’s discovery platform complemented CE TVs’ search marketing efforts, it also significantly outperformed those campaigns during the holiday season. CE TVs found that its campaigns on Taboola were more cost-effective at driving users to a specific landing page, generating a cost-per-session that was 11 times lower than related search campaigns.

Throughout its collaboration with CE TVs, Taboola also generated significant new product sales, driving a 300 percent higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) than search during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays.

Going forward, CE TVs plans to continue using Taboola’s discovery platform as a major new marketing channel alongside search. Discovery campaigns will both broaden its prospective customer base through educational content and awareness-based campaigns, and further boost its online sales efforts with conversion-focused product pages.