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Taboola Video Outperforms Every Other Channel for Global Fast Food Brand

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Global Fast Food Brand Finds Taboola to Outperform All Other Channels in Burger Campaign

  • 68% Viewability
  • 58% Completion Rate

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Global Fast Food Brand is a globally recognized fast-food chain with over 15,000 locations in almost 100 countries.


Reach a highly scalable, large global audience for the release of Global Fast Food Brand’s new burger through their relationship with a global advertising agency.


Use the Taboola content discovery platform to distribute a series of branded videos across the web that aimed to entice customers with their new, delicious offering.


With Taboola, Global Fast Food Brand’s advertising agency achieved a 58% completion rate and 68% viewability—outperforming every other distribution platform.

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Global Fast Food Brand Finds Taboola to Outperform All Other Channels in Burger Campaign

Global Fast Food Brand introduced a new burger to the world and needed to reach a global audience with wide interests. Working with a global advertising agency, they built a distribution strategy for several video assets—all of which were created with the goal to entice customers, both old and new, to try their new burger.

Broad Reach Sets Global Fast Food Brand up for Multivariate Channel Strategy

Global Fast Food Brand already has broad reach, and since this launch would already have wide appeal, their campaign was comprehensive—reaching potential customers across a variety of channels from the web, to television to out-of-home channels like billboards.

Global Fast Food Brand was looking to target both men and women, ages 18 to 44 in this case—a target audience that would require very broad opportunities. To reach this audience, they leveraged Taboola, Facebook and other video recommendation providers for distribution.

Video platforms provide massive reach for a variety of large and scalable audiences—Taboola offered a large size video player ideal for spreading awareness for their new burger.

Taboola’s Viewability and Completion Rates Outperform All Other Channels

Global Fast Food Brand worked with several channels to distribute their video series and spread awareness about their new burger across the web.

Across all channels, their key metric for success was completion rate, followed closely behind by viewability. Taboola easily outperformed every other channel, driving better performance metrics for both key metrics across the globe.

The average completion rate for Facebook and other video recommendation providers was less than 20%, and viewability less than 40%. For Global Fast Food Brand, Taboola achieved a completion rate of 58% and a viewability rate of 68%.

Global Fast Food Brand looks forward to expanding their relationship with Taboola in the future, and has already renewed their campaigns five times following these successful results.

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Fast food retailers are trying to reach a very broad audience—we’re looking for major scale and to hit our goals in each campaign. Taboola exceeded our expectations on both levels, providing a target audience that was large enough to meet our scale needs, and outperforming every other platform for our main measure of success—completion rate.

- , Account Director, Global Advertising Agency