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Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism Increases Brand Favorability by 18.9% with Taboola Video Campaign

“We’re here to help the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic (DR) make things happen. This includes upholding a positive reputation for the DR as a travel destination we wanted to leverage our marketing videos for brand uplift. With Taboola’s branded video product, we increased favorability of tourism to the DR at a rate that was way above the industry average according to Millward Brown.”

- Giselle Lozada, Media Director, BVK Miami

DR Ministry of Tourism helps to promote and develop the Dominican Republic into a diverse destination offering both Dominican and European flavors to more than one million visitors each year.

Named the number one golf destination in the Caribbean and Latin America by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, the DR boasts 28 designer golf courses, upscale resorts, pristine nature, and sophisticated cities and quaint villages filled with welcoming locals. 

The DR features the best beaches, fascinating history and culture, and is a chosen escape for celebrities, couples and families alike.

Taboola works with Millward Brown to Measure Brand Uplift Objectively with User Survey.

The DR Ministry of Tourism used four marketing videos to promote their brand across the Taboola network. As internet users saw the video, Millward Brown used pixel tracking to track the audience.

Once they identified that someone had seen the video, they sent them a survey via email. The survey aimed to measure aided brand awareness, online ad awareness, brand favorability, research intent for the next year, and visit intent for the next year.

Brand favorability was measured with a survey question that asked a user’s overall opinion about the DR as a vacation destination—here, Taboola performed 17.7% higher than the travel industry average.

Aided brand awareness, online ad awareness, and intent were measured with questions that asked whether a user had heard of the DR, had seen an ad for the DR, or intended to research and visit the DR in the next year, respectively. None of these metrics were negatively affected by the campaign.

Millward Brown deemed the campaign successful, describing Taboola’s ad format as ‘discreet and effective’.

Taboola Branded Video Campaigns Produce 17.7% More Brand Favorability than the Market Norm.

For the DR Ministry of Tourism, success was defined by the fact that internet users who saw the advertisement had a higher opinion of the DR as a vacation destination than those who did not.

Favorability of the DR grew by 18.9%, which is evidence that the Taboola large format video placements were both discreet and effective.

According to Millward Brown, this is much higher than what is typically observed in travel and destination digital campaigns—a benchmark determined by a study that included 60 different campaigns in the same category.

Market norms for similar campaigns in the travel destination category saw an increase in favorability of just 1.2%—Taboola’s video campaign performed 17.7% better than the market norm.

Campaign Highlights:

18.9% Increase in Brand Favorability

DR Ministry of Tourism helps to promote and develop the DR into a diverse destination, offering both Dominican and European flavors to more than one million visitors each year.

Improve DR brand favorability, targeting travelers in the United States (US) by leveraging promotional video content.

Use Taboola’s branded video product to improve brand favorability. Work with Millward Brown and Taboola to measure campaign results.

With Taboola, DR Ministry of Tourism achieved an 18.9% increase in brand favorability, which according to Millward Brown is 17.7% higher than the industry average.