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Taboola Helps Cornerstone Increase Membership by 2,100%

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Cornerstone Increases Retention Rate when they Reach a Quality Audience

  • 2,100% Increase in Subscription Membership
  • 30% Increase in Customer Retention Rate

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Cornerstone is a flexible, regular delivery service of razor blades and men’s shaving supplies.


After a round of fundraising, Cornerstone needed to scale growth rapidly and reach a quality audience that would convert at a low cost-per-acquisition (CPA).


Use Taboola’s discovery platform to increase subscriptions and increase customer retention rate.


Found traffic from Taboola to be high-quality, and achieved their desired rapid growth while increasing their retention rate by 30%.

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Cornerstone provides men’s razors and grooming products on a subscription basis. The company prides themselves on simplicity—they created Cornerstone to return to thoughtful razor design and quality ingredients for men.

Getting a comfortable shave for men has been too hard for too long, and Cornerstone is trying to change that. Razors and shaving products are delivered right to your door with a quality promise.

Cornerstone Works with Taboola to Focus on Growth

Cornerstone Works with Taboola to Focus on Growth

Cornerstone began working with Taboola after raising a round of funding. Their focus was to rapidly increase memberships, and they were looking for a channel that would provide them a quality audience at their target CPA.

The shaving subscription service also utilizes other channels, including social advertisements, podcast advertising and native advertising to name a few. Lately, their focus has shifted to audience quality— tracking metrics like average order value and customer retention rate. This is where Taboola really has really shined.

This Razor Service Saw a 2,100% Increase in Subscription Memberships with Taboola

When Cornerstone started focusing on rapidly expanding their membership numbers, they had attained about 5,000 members. After expanding their channel strategy to work with Taboola, they reached about 110,000 members—a 2,100% increase.

As their membership grew, they switched focus to the quality of their audience. With the help of our Creative Strategy Team, Taboola was able to drive a high volume of quality traffic, and has helped to increase their customer retention rate by 30%.

Cornerstone is now working hard to expand their campaigns on the Taboola platform, which includes their recent launch into video.

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When we started working with Taboola, we were looking for ways to grow really rapidly. Taboola allowed us to tell our story to people we weren’t previously able to reach, and as a result deliver a very high quality audience.

- Caspar De Roij, Co-head of Acquisition and Optimisation, Cornerstone