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Taboola Brings Bundoo 22% Lower Bounce Rates than Competing Discovery Platforms

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Taboola Serves Targeted On-Site Recommendations of Additional Bundoo Content

  • 13% Jump In New Users Monthly
  • 45% Boost In Pages-Per-Visit
  • 70% Increase In Time-On-Site

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Bundoo is a physician-driven pregnancy and parenting site that provides direct interactions with doctors and healthcare experts.


Expand its reach of targeted audience outside of traditional channels and converting visitors into loyal consumers.


Utilize Taboola’s advanced algorithmic engine to recommend personalized content to users.


Bundoo’s bounce rate decreased overall and site engagements increased monthly.

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Since its founding in 2012, Bundoo has evolved into the ultimate parenting resource on the Web. The site offers articles and reviews written by childcare experts, a curated marketplace of physician-recommended products, and a community platform for parents to interact directly with board-certified pediatricians, nutritionists, OB/GYNs, speech therapists, and behavioral health specialists.

Bundoo’s comprehensive digital “hub” has garnered a passionate community of over 100,000 fans on Facebook and Pinterest. Since experimenting with traditional channels like SEO and SEM, Bundoo was looking for new ways to expand its reach among both expecting and new parents.

Driving A 13% Jump in New Monthly Users through Discovery

Driving A 13% Jump in New Monthly Users through Discovery

High-quality traffic is especially important for a highengagement platform like Bundoo, whose mission is to educate parents and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Taboola’s extensive network and personalization-driven algorithm presented an opportunity to reach parents at highly relevant moments across the web and attract a bigger audience for Bundoo’s expert-written content.

The teams partnered to promote a wide selection of Bundoo’s content including articles such as “Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work?” and “10 Ways to Deal With Early Rising Babies” on premium websites like USA TODAY, Business Insider, and The Atlantic.

The ongoing campaign has generated an average of 50,000 clicks per month and Bundoo has seen a 13% increase in new users monthly since partnering with Taboola. These incoming visitors also represent some of Bundoo’s highest-quality traffic, with bounce rates 22% lower than any other content discovery platform.

Increasing Engagement With 60k Incremental Monthly Clicks

Building on the success of Bundoo’s expanded audience, Taboola developed an audience engagement strategy to keep users on for longer periods of time. Powered by Taboola’s advanced algorithmic engine, which examines hundreds of different signals including geography, browsing history, and collaborative filtering, Taboola recommended personalized content to users, including both on-site content as well as sponsored items that generated meaningful revenue for Bundoo.

Taboola’s organic recommendations have generated over 60,000 clicks per month at an average internal recirculation CTR of 3-5%. Combined with our highquality referrals the overall engagement strategy has improved the bounce rate of Taboola traffic on by 25%, boosted pages-per-visit by 45%, and increased time-on-site by over 70% since the partnership began.

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Not only have we seen a 13% increase in new users every month as a result of our Taboola campaigns, but we’ve also increased overall engagement and lowered our site-wide bounce rate with Taboola’s on-site recommendations.

- Stephanie Winans, Chief Operating Officer, Bundoo