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Audience Development

Audience Development

Taboola's platform allows publishers to acquire highly-targeted users due to our extensive reach and publisher tools that provide additional access to untapped audiences perfect for your niche.  


Lift your traffic ranking: Increase your comScore and Nielsen ranking by driving new unique visitors to your online assets. Taboola's content recommendation engine optimizes post-click engagement which means that users who click on your content will remain on your site longer, generating more page views.

Drive traffic to high-value pages: Drive traffic from new visitors and visitors already familiar with your site, to specific high-value sections such as videos or sponsored content articles to improve monetization.

Get more subscriptions: High-quality content, shown to the right user at the right time, drives action.  Using Taboola's content recommendation widgets increases email and print subscriptions in a cost-efficient way, at scale.

Taboola reaches 1 billion unique monthly users and over 1 billion clicks every month. 

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