Taboola Brings COVID-19 News From The World's Most Trusted Premium Publishers to Millions of Users, Partnering with América Móvil, Top OEMs and Carriers in the World as Part of Taboola News

NEW YORKApril 14, 2020 — Taboola, the world’s leading discovery platform, today announced new integrations for Taboola News with the world’s largest mobile device manufacturers and carriers, which place aggregated news content about COVID-19 from trusted news publishers and sources at the hands of tens of millions of users.

Today, Taboola News expands its offering by enabling device manufacturers and carriers to place critical COVID-19 updates in more prominent positions for readers to easily access within their devices.

The offering is now live on the largest device manufacturers and mobile carriers in the world, including América Móvil, and features relevant content from Taboola’s premium publisher partners – including critical updates and developing stories around COVID-19. This news feed can also be used to promote consumer health messages in a variety of ways–for example, U.S. implementations can link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

“At a time when knowledge is power when battling back against a global pandemic, we’re giving more readers access to critical information about COVID-19, in real-time,” said Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola. “Quality journalism is one of our biggest champions during moments of crisis. For that reason, we believe that news should be ubiquitous and that includes staying informed across the open web, directly on home pages and browsers via mobile devices, or other means. As we progress through the current news climate, we want to make it as easy as possible for readers to discover relevant news and stay safe, for partners to offer news more easily, and for publishers to drive traffic to helpful content.”

Taboola News delivers relevant content from Taboola premium publisher partners, integrated into mobile phones and other user touchpoints. It creates new opportunities for engagement and revenue for mobile carriers, device manufacturers, publishers and brands.

Introducing COVID-19 Readership Tool on Taboola Trends
Today’s news is part of Taboola’s larger support plan for publishers around COVID-19. Recently, Taboola granted publishers free access to COVID-19 readership insights, sourced from thousands of the world’s largest publishers. Taboola’s interactive COVID-19 Readership Trends tool allows journalists to supplement their coverage on the topic, as well as for their readers to explore on their own.

The COVID-19 Readership Trends tool provides an hourly analysis of the percentage of news coverage dedicated to COVID-19, across countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, India, Australia and Japan. In addition, it features a breakdown of the specific topics related to COVID-19 that are seeing large readership spikes. The Taboola COVID-19 Trends tool is built on the Taboola Newsroom offering, which provides unique insights, sourced from Taboola’s dataset of 1.4 billion users each month, that inform publishers about how to create more engaging content and discover new coverage areas that drive loyal readership


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