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Naked Wines Gains 8,000 New Sign-Ups with Taboola in Just 8 Months

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Naked Wines Gains 8,000 New Sign-Ups with Taboola in Just 8 Months

  • 8,000 New Signups in the UK, US and AUS in Just 8 Months
  • 33% Higher Lifetime Value (LTV) than Naked Wines Average

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Naked Wines is a customer-funded wine business that connects consumers with wines from independent winemakers at a discount.


Attract new sign-ups to their service in the form of Naked Wines Angels (customers that fund the business) in the UK, Australia and the US.


Use Taboola to distribute interactive, educational content with CTAs that prompt consumers to sign up for Naked Wines, and work with Taboola’s Creative Shop to optimize campaigns.


With Taboola, Naked Wines drove 8,000 new signups in the UK, US and Australia in just 8 months with a 33% higher LTV than is typical for Naked Wines. Taboola Customers Have a 33% higher lifetime value than average Naked Wines customers

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Naked Wines is a customer-funded wine business. Their customers, or angels, invest $40 a month into their piggy bank. Naked Wines then uses that deposit to invest in talented, independent winemakers. In return, customers are offered exclusive wines at insider prices (up to 60% off retail).

Naked Wines Connects Wine Lovers with Independent Winemakers on Premium Publisher Sites

Naked Wines Connects Wine Lovers with Independent Winemakers on Premium Publisher Sites

Heading into quarantine in March of 2020, Naked Wines saw an opportunity to reach more wine lovers now looking to purchase wine online. In order to connect wine lovers with good wine from local, independent winemakers, Naked Wines created a Taboola campaign for the purpose of finding new Angels on premium publisher sites. As a customer-funded business, these Angels sign up for a Naked Wines subscription, unlocking wine discounts of up to 60% off the retail price.

Their campaign targeted wine lovers in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia and the United States (US). Originally, they targeted UK consumers exclusively, but expanded their approach to Australia and the US when they saw initial success.

With Taboola, Naked Wines was able to easily segment audiences by age, which was important to stay compliant with local regulations that surround alcoholic beverages in each country.

Naked Wines increased Performance Working with Taboola’s Creative Shop

Naked Wines worked with Taboola’s Creative Shop to add descriptions and calls-to-action (CTAs) to their ad creatives, further improving their results. The also tested video sponsored content (SC) creatives, which they found to be effective.

Taboola’s Creative Shop increased the campaign’s vCTR by 33% and decreased CPA by 18% in a four month timeframe for Naked Wine’s UK targeted campaigns.

“Our experience working with Taboola’s Creative Shop on our UK campaigns was so successful that we asked for their support in our US and Australian campaigns as well. They were able to help us effectively implement performance-driving features like descriptions, CTAs and video SC.” – James Nellany, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Naked Wines.

Naked Wines is a unique, disruptive way for consumers to purchase wine. Because of this, Naked Wines used a content-led approach to one of their Taboola campaigns, allowing them to fully explain their offer to potential consumers while also driving a high number of conversions. A performance-led campaign ran alongside their content-led campaign, directing consumers to buy wine based on low prices.

Both campaigns led to a personalized and interactive questionnaire, where consumers were quizzed on how much they knew about the wine business. This included questions like how wine is priced, where the proceeds go, the best types of grapes to make wine, and more. The end of the quiz prompted consumers to receive a discount code to redeem on their website in exchange for their email.

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“Our partnership with Taboola has only gotten stronger over time. With the support of the Taboola team, we’ve scaled and optimized our campaigns and delivered our key KPIs. Taboola is consistently developing their offering to advertisers. For example, their targeting and bidding tools and the Taboola Creative Shop have only gotten better over time. We’re excited to continue scaling our campaigns with Taboola through 2021 and beyond.”

- James Nellany, Global Head of Digital Marketing