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Adidas Successfully Increases Brand Awareness for BOOST Technology with Agency MediaCom and Taboola

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MediaCom Delivered 50% Uplift in CTR for Client adidas with Taboola Video

  • 50% Increase in CTR After Working with Taboola Video Studio
  • 25% Higher CTR than other video platforms

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Adidas is the one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world. MediaCom is a trusted digital partner to more than 2000 global brands, working with adidas to create and promote adidas’ BOOST technology


Increase awareness for BOOST footwear technology separate from the ubiquitous adidas name in Israel.


Use Taboola Video to promote video content related to BOOST technology and create unique video content using Taboola Studio with overlaid CTA to drive clicks and conversions.


With Taboola, MediaCom was able to uplift CTR, increase awareness, and drive sales. The product shown in the video became a best-seller.


Adidas, a leading global sportswear manufacturer, is a household name in Israel. With the challenge of highlighting their BOOST technology and separating it from the brand’s ubiquity, adidas turned to global agency MediaCom.

MediaCom utilized Taboola Studio to create striking video content on behalf of adidas, designed to educate and inform on the BOOST technology, and ultimately drive interest and purchases of BOOST footwear.

With Taboola, MediaCom Delivered Video Completions and Conversions for adidas

With Taboola, MediaCom Delivered Video Completions and Conversions for adidas

adidas’ goal was to highlight the craftsmanship of their BOOST technology, separate from their ubiquitous brand name. They had put forth efforts to do so in the past but saw no noteworthy return. MediaCom felt confident that Taboola would be the right partner to increase CTR and traffic for adidas’ BOOST campaign.

In order to optimize adidas’ video creative for the platform, MediaCom worked with the Taboola Video Studio to implement hot spots on the informational adidas videos. These hot spots provide consumers with CTAs at the exact moments they’d be most likely to click—when they’re looking for more information.

The Taboola Video Studio optimizes engagement and results by using creative best practices and a wide array of features like custom overlays, end-slates, creative consulting, and more.

Adidas Best-Seller Emerges After Using Taboola Video

Across this campaign, MediaCom displayed a variety of adidas footwear, but one product became a best-seller in stores. The black men’s model of the BOOST running footwear, which MediaCom promoted using Taboola Video, which was featured in the video created with Taboola Studio, became a best-seller during the time that the video ran.

MediaCom Leverages Taboola for a Variety of Clients

Through their use of Taboola for their client adidas, MediaCom was able to discern ways that Taboola could also be an asset for more clients on their roster.

MediaCom worked closely alongside their Taboola account management team to ensure that all client needs were met, and that creative tools were being used to their maximum potential to produce the most effective video.

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We were pleasantly surprised with the results we saw. Compared to past campaigns for BOOST Technology, the lift on those who saw the ad, and those who clicked through, was impressive

- Nir Harnik, Digital Marketing Manager, MediaCom