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MVF & The Eco Experts

MVF & The Eco Experts Drive 700K Conversions with Taboola Sponsored Content

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MVF & The Eco Experts Drive 700K Conversions with Taboola Sponsored Content

  • 700K Conversions Since 2015
  • 3B Impressions Across 18 Countries
  • 233% Increase in Click-through Rate with Taboola Motion Studio

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MVF, founded in 2009, is a UK-based customer generation platform that grows and scales businesses across the world. The Eco Experts, MVF’s flagship ‘green’ brand, matches customers with businesses offering green technology solutions.


Promote a solar panel product in the UK and Spain, driving leads and sales among those interested in ecofriendly energy solutions


Launch Taboola Image and Motion Ads across top publisher sites, driving readers to high-quality editorial landing pages about solar energy.


With Taboola, MVF and The Eco Experts have generated 700K conversions and 3 billion impressions across 18 countries. Taboola also produces high quality leads at a higher ROI than most other channels.

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MVF’s mission is to build the world’s most effective customer generation platform. Founded in 2009 in the UK, MVF works with leading suppliers to help people navigate complex buying decisions across its range of trusted brands.

The Eco Experts, MVF’s flagship ‘green’ brand, matches customers with businesses offering green technology to improve their lives and homes. The Eco Experts drives hundreds of thousands of conversions each year across solar, energy switching, and heat pump verticals, and is present in over eighteen countries.

Customers rely on The Eco Experts for the latest information on how they can cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints — all while improving their homes.

MVF & The Eco Experts Earn 500M Impressions with Taboola Native Ads

MVF & The Eco Experts Earn 500M Impressions with Taboola Native Ads

Taboola has been a core part of MVF’s channel mix for years, representing one of the largest and most diverse ranges of publisher inventory. MVF is also one of the leading Taboola advertisers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), operating across multiple verticals. As an innovator, MVF is often one of the first to test and adopt the latest Taboola products.

So when MVF was looking to drive new leads for its flagship ‘green’ brand, The Eco Experts, they knew where to turn: to Taboola. As the largest content discovery platform on the web, Taboola helps advertisers distribute campaigns across a network of over 9,000 premium publisher sites, blogs, and apps.

Taboola worked hand-in-hand with MVF and The EcoExperts to promote their eco-friendly offerings, and, specifically, their solar panel solutions. Together, they took existing editorial landing pages and turned them into engaging Taboola Image Ads — consisting of an image, headline, description, and call-to-action (CTA) button. The ads were distributed across Taboola partner sites like MSN, which became the backbone of The Eco Experts’ UK-based campaigns. Taboola’s partnerships with regional publishers like OKDIARIO in Spain and Newsner in Norway also help to drive quality results for MVF’s clients.

Once readers clicked through the ads, they were taken to advertorial bridge pages that further explain solar panels and why they’re so popular. From there, they could read the content, learn more about The Eco Experts offerings, and find the right green technology solutions for their homes.

The solar panel campaign in Spain generated particularly impressive results for MVF and The EcoExperts: 500 million impressions and
40,000 conversions since December 2019. Adding additional features like descriptions and CTA buttons to Taboola Ads also increased campaign clickthrough rate (CTR) by 40% and return on ad spend (ROAS) by 37%.

MVF & Taboola Innovate to Reach Target CPAs and Drive Valuable Leads

MVF worked alongside the Taboola Creative Shop to produce high CTR, AI-based creatives in an effort to reach target cost-per-acquisition
(CPA) goals. The Taboola Creative Shop is a team of expert copywriters, designers, and analysts who provide real-time trends and recommendations for ad creatives. MVF’s Group Head, Chris Georghiou, also worked tirelessly with MVF’s 20-person native ad division to spot opportunities and pinpoint key areas for growth over the past 12 months.

MVF and The Eco Experts further implemented SmartBid, Taboola’s automated bidding technology, across all campaigns and to significantly increase campaign management efficiency and maximize ROAS. They also used the Taboola Pixel to track and retarget high-value website visitors who’d already completed certain actions. For example, The Eco Experts could see if a commercial provider registered to receive more information, and then follow up to help them convert.

By optimizing for performance, MVF and The Eco Experts reduced CPAs by 20% on its solar campaign in Spain. Overall, MVF and Taboola have generated 700,000 conversions in the home services sector since 2015 and 3 billion impressions across 18 countries.

MVF & Taboola Innovate to Reach Target CPAs and Drive Valuable Leads

MVF and The Eco Experts have been at the forefront of testing new features to create eye-catching content and increase user engagement.
They were two of the first to use the Taboola Motion Ads Studio, a new tool that automatically converts new or existing creatives into high-quality Motion Ads.

Motion Ads are visuals that move for up to 15 seconds, similar to a GIF. They’re designed to be eye-catching and improve campaign results. With
the Taboola Motion Studio, MVF and The Eco Experts increased CTR by 233% across desktop solar campaigns in Spain.

Going forward, The Eco Experts has ambitious plans to grow its online presence whilst maintaining a focus on informing and educating its audience on green issues.

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Taboola Ads’ user-friendly design and constantly evolving capabilities make it the perfect platform to achieve rapid scale for The Eco Experts and MVF. Taboola is a key player in The Eco Experts’ media mix and a consistently strong performer in terms of reliable volume and ROI. Taboola’s account management team has also helped MVF achieve maximum scale and profitability through clever, data driven insights and exposure to the latest Taboola product developments.

- Luke Watkin, Director of Native, MVF