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With Taboola, Renault for AMI-Pacific Achieved an Average Video View-Through-Rate of 40%

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The Renault Triber Video was Shown on 15 of the Most Premium Taboola Network Websites in India

  • 33% Average video completion rate during the first video campaign
  • 40% Average video completion rate during the 2nd video campaign
  • 1.5M Completed video views
  • 18K Clicks generated from the video

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Renault is a global brand within the French car manufacturer Groupe Renault. Renault is present in 134 countries and marketed in 12,000 points of sale.


Enhance the visibility and awareness of the Renault Triber, a brand new, spacious, practical, and comfortable vehicle model for the Indian market, designed specifically for first-time buyers between 25 to 45 years old.


Launch a video campaign with Taboola on 15 premium Taboola network sites in India, including, to reach the segment of the Indian population targeted by Renault with its new vehicle.


Renault’s Taboola Video received 3 million impressions in one month during the first wave of the campaign, with 1 million completed views and an average view-through rate (VTR) of 33%. During the second wave, the video saw 1.3 million impressions in one month, including 550,000 completed views, and an average VTR of 40%.

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Renault is a global brand within the French car manufacturer Groupe Renault, with a presence in 134 countries. In 2018 alone, they sold nearly 3.9 million vehicles. To keep up
with changing technological advances and to pursue a strategy of profitable growth, the group relies on its international development and the complementary nature of its five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA) to meet the needs of customers in different markets.

For the brand at Renault, the challenge is huge in the AMI Pacific region, which covers Africa, the Middle East, India, Australia and South Korea. Renault is looking to build a reputation in markets often preempted by local manufacturers.

In August 2019, Renault launched the comfortable, practical and spacious Renault Triber, a vehicle halfway between an SUV and a minivan. The launch of the Renault Triber was supported by a 360° communication campaign, integrating Taboola Video during the amplification phase.

Precise Targeting Led to Increased Performance

Precise Targeting Led to Increased Performance

With the Triber vehicle, Renault targets a very specific segment of the Indian population: first-time buyers aged 25 to 45, among the most affluent socio-professional categories in the country.

To reach that audience with as much precision as possible, Taboola and Renault’s AMI Pacific digital marketing teams in France worked with their Indian counterparts to define the list of the 15 most premium Taboola network websites in the country, including NDTV. com, the website of the leader of the news channels New Delhi Television. In India, the internet is mostly accessed via smartphone, so this campaign was focused primarily on mobile.

A 10-second video ad presenting the Renault Triber was then broadcasted across a selection of premium sites for a one-month campaign. When viewers clicked on the video, they would discover a mini-site dedicated to the Renault Triber where they had the option to make an appointment to test the vehicle for themselves.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, Taboola teams focused on day-to-day monitoring of results to continually optimize the budget for the best cost-performance ratio. Given the impressive results from the first campaign, a second month-long campaign was implemented, prioritizing the creatives that had previously shown the highest performance.

Renault Saw High VTR Performance With Taboola

The first wave of Renault’s Taboola Video campaign in India was a success. In one month, 3 million impressions were delivered, including 1 million completed video views. This represents an average VTR of 33%, which is well above industry average. In addition, the video generated 13,000 clicks.

During the second wave of the campaign, out of 1.3 million impressions delivered, 550,000 completed video views were recorded, this time reaching an average VTR of 40%. In addition, 5,000 clicks were generated.

Pleased with the results of the campaign and with their Taboola account management team, Renault now plans to launch new campaigns in Australia in 2020 for its Koleos and Kadjar vehicles.

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When we embarked on this video campaign for our new Renault Triber with Taboola, we knew we would see results, but we were blown away by how impressive the results were! With Taboola, you get to work with a team that is always listening. Their keen sense of advice and service, and their desire to continuously optimize our campaign helped make this such a success.

- Mohamed Eldjendoubi, Head of AMI Pacific Digital Marketing, Renault