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Leesa Leverages Site Re-Targeting, Generates a 5.7x Return on Ad Spend with Taboola

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Site Retargeting Proves Invaluable at Driving Purchases

  • 5.7X Return on Ad Spend

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Leesa is the online mattress company with a mission to design, create and sell thoughtful products to help people sleep better. Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold.


Reach new customers when they are in the process of researching and purchasing mattresses.


Leverage Taboola’s discovery platform to engage new audiences on premium sites around the web and leverage site based re-targeting to drive purchases.


Leesa consistently drove strong new user acquisitions and purchases with Taboola, exceeding expectations.

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Leesa is the online retailer with a mission to help people sleep better. Founded after Jamie Diamonstein and David Wolf had trouble sleeping, Leesa was born as a completely redesigned mattress offering “Universal Adaptive Feel” that adjusts to bodies of all shapes, sizes and sleeping styles. With a high value on customer service, Leesa built an online store so its customers could avoid the “hocus pocus” of traditional showrooms and instead offer a 100 night in-home trial with a hassle free return and refund policy. With the simple promise of a good night’s sleep at its core, Leesa understands that identifying when customers are in the market to purchase is paramount to success since consumers generally only need a new mattress every 5 or 10 years. They also understand that the decision is deeply personal and involves research and careful consideration. They turned to content discovery to provide the education new buyers are seeking when making a decision. The team partnered with Taboola to not only better educate new customers, but to better understand the consumer journey and where and how to meet prospects with meaningful information throughout the purchasing process.

Site-Based Retargeting Drives Higher Conversion Rates For Leesa

Site-Based Retargeting Drives Higher Conversion Rates For Leesa

Taboola’s predictive technology reaches consumers at valuable moments when they are engaged and open to discovering something new. To do this, we analyze hundreds of real-time signals (such as device type, referral source, geography, and more) to match people with the top content they might be interested in consuming next.

After running test campaigns, Leesa and Taboola decided to focus on a site retargeting strategy to reengage site traffic. Using Taboola’s retargeting pixel, Leesa could capture anyone who visited their site and follow up with more direct content recommendations as they came back to browse the network. This tactic allowed Leesa to not only capitalize on leads generated through Taboola, but on leads generated through all marketing efforts including earned media, search, social and field marketing. Through site based retargeting, Leesa saw conversion rates soar and quickly achieved their target cost-per-acquisition goal.

Direct Language Most Effective in Creative Campaigns

Taboola and Leesa doubled down on this strategy working together on a series of multi-variant A/B tests, to uncover the most effective creatives. Together they tested different imagery, varying headlines, promotional offers and specific geo-targeting. Key learnings informed Leesa that not only is it important to stay in front of customers throughout their purchasing journey, but using direct, branded headlines like “Leesa® is a New Kind of Mattress for a New Kind of Sleep” proved the most successful.

Leesa Achieves 5.7x Return on Ad Spend Through Taboola

Throughout its campaigns on Taboola, Leesa generated thousands of leads that resulted in mattresses sold – an overall return on ad spend. Measuring the success of its campaigns, site retargeting generated a 5.7x return on ad spend over seven months.

Partnering with Taboola allowed Leesa to grow sales and build traction in a competitive market without customized and tailored landing pages or newsletters. As they learn more about their customer base, and the purchase journey, Leesa will be exploring more opportunities with Taboola to continue to grow and scale.

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The concept of content marketing has always been something that interested me as a digital marketer. Through the Taboola network we were able to secure premium placements and meet people where they were across the network. These placements not only allowed us to reach new audiences but to really educate them about our product. Through the client service and account management service, we have been able to really improve our campaign. We are very excited to continue our work and reach even more audiences.

- Alex Realmuto, Head of Digital Marketing, Leesa