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International Airline Increases Brand Visibility with Video on the Taboola Platform

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Video Views Increased when this International Airline Started Using Taboola

  • Target: 40% Completion rate for a 45 Second Video
  • 80%+ Viewability

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Best in class global airline servicing destinations around the globe.


Wanting to make a bigger impact with their brand, this airline looked for a way to distribute their video content natively.


Use the Taboola discovery platform to increase viewability and completion rates for their video content, targeting Europe.


With Taboola, the airline exceeded their target of 40% viewable completion rate for their 45 second video.

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Video Drives Awareness and Positive Sentiment For a New Car Model

This airline is an international travel service, offering flights, hotels, holiday deals and car rentals. Passengers can travel to over 200 international destinations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe with this carrier.

Video Views Increased when this International Airline Started Using Taboola

The airline wanted a bigger brand impact, so they started working with a creative agency. The creative agency discovered Taboola through Business Insider, and found the platform to be a good alternative to other traditional video distribution methods, such as in-stream video.

In-stream video poses a problem, because brands need to rely on other video content in order to advertise, and are running in an environment that is intrusive to the user. Impressed by Taboola’s premium selection of inventory, a leading global marketing agency began their campaign on this international airline’s behalf. With Taboola, the airline gained access to native capabilities, and were able to boost their video while not disturbing the users with other ad clutter.

When these users see the airline’s video they’ve just completed interacting with a web page—but not necessarily video—that indicates they could be open to discovering more about the brand.

International Airline Brand Grows with High Completion Rates

When the airline started running their campaign, they were happy to see successful video metrics that aligned with their goals. With a completion rate of over 40% for a 45 second video, they were well above Facebook where only 22% of viewers finish an entire 30 second video, according to eMarketer.

The viewability metrics for their videos were very high, above 80%—videos were targeted in all countries except the US.

This airline has plans to experiment with other video formats on mobile platforms from Taboola.

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We needed a way to promote our international airline brand’s video content natively, and then we found Taboola. Their video capabilities have helped us boost our video effectively, but also have given us the opportunity to reach a broad audience for our global ad campaign in a user-friendly ad format.

- , Digital Media Executive, Leading International Marketing Agency