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FOX SPORTS Australia Uses Taboola to Increase Revenue and Engagement


FOX SPORTS Australia Creates an Engaging and Relevant Environment for Sports Fans with Taboola Products

  • 37% increase in Organic CTR
  • 31% increase in Traffic to Recirculated Organic Content
  • More than double increase in Overall Mobile Revenue

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FOX SPORTS Australia is Australia’s leading producer of sports coverage and is home to its favorite subscription television sports channels as well as its number one multi- sports website and app.


For FOX SPORTS Australia, it’s always been about finding the right balance for organic content and sponsored content. They needed a solution that would do so while increasing revenue and engagement.


Use a suite of Taboola products including Taboola Feed integrated on apps, Google AMP and their mobile site, as well as Taboola Newsroom to provide the optimal experience for their audience.


With Taboola, FOX SPORTS Australia has seen a 37% increase in organic CTR and a 31% increase in traffic to recirculated organic content across all sites, and more than doubled mobile revenue.

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FOX SPORTS Australia is Australia’s leading producer of sports coverage and is home to Australia’s favourite subscription television sports channels as well as Australia’s number one multi- sports website and app.

FOX SPORTS compiles and produces live content across seven dedicated high definition channels – FOX CRICKET, FOX LEAGUE, FOX SPORTS 3, FOX FOOTY, FOX SPORTS 5, FOX SPORTS 6 and FOX SPORTS More, all available via the Foxtel subscription television platform and available to stream via Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now. The FOX SPORTS channels are also available to stream on Kayo Sports.

Taboola Feed Improves Organic CTR and Traffic Recirculation for FOX SPORTS Australia

Taboola Feed Improves Organic CTR and Traffic Recirculation for FOX SPORTS Australia

FOX SPORTS Australia has used content recommendation engines before, but according to their team, none as sophisticated as the Taboola Feed.

The Taboola Feed brings the scrolling news feed experience that users love on social networks right to publishers’ pages. With a seamless non-disruptive format, it’s a game-changer for publisher monetization and visitor engagement.

Taboola Feed inspires users to discover more content, stay longer on site and drive significant revenue growth.

All FOX SPORTS Australia teams have incentive to optimize and monetize content, from editors who publish sports news and videos around the clock, to product managers who deliver the fan experience and finally, the commercial team responsible for monetization.

In February 2019, FOX SPORTS Australia launched Taboola Feed on article pages across their site, and has seen improvements with engagement metrics like CTR and traffic recirculation.

FOX SPORTS Australia Integrates Taboola Across Apps, Mobile Site and Google AMP and Sees Massive Revenue Growth

Over 150% Increase in Revenue From Mobile Site

Overall, their biggest growth area has been mobile. Taboola Feed is integrated within their apps, mobile site and Google AMP, and they’ve seen more than half of content recommendation revenue coming from smartphones.

FOX SPORTS Australia has seen the biggest improvement on Google AMP, as the Taboola Feed helps keep customers engaged. To integrate with their apps, FOX SPORTS Australia uses Taboola’s Mobile SDK, which seamlessly integrates into native applications to drive higher revenue and engagement.

FOX SPORTS Australia chose to implement Taboola products on these sites because they felt Taboola would serve overall business goals and FOX SPORTS Australia customers.

For FOX SPORTS Australia, It’s always been about finding the right balance for organic content and sponsored content. The Taboola feed was able to strike that balance, and they’re happy with the performance, particularly on AMP pages.

Taboola Newsroom Provides Editorial Insights for FOX SPORTS Australia

FOX SPORTS Australia’s editorial and social teams use Taboola Newsroom to discover real-time snapshots of the trending topics, what content users are searching for, and what stories they should be focusing on. Taboola Newsroom helps teams become more aligned with their content strategy.

Powered by Taboola’s predictive engine and massive data set of over 1.4 billion internet users, Taboola Newsroom helps writers, editors and special-interest teams make informed decisions to increase readership.

FOX SPORTS Australia Finds an Innovative and Dedicated Partner in Taboola

According to FOX SPORTS Australia, the Taboola team is dynamic, proactive and always available. They love Taboola’s commitment to the partnership, and their understanding of business objectives and priorities.

FOX SPORTS Australia is looking at ways to innovate alongside Taboola using their emerging technology as beta testers. Taboola has invested time in learning about FOX SPORTS Australia’s business and always recommends new ways or better ways of doing things. Taboola’s A/B testing tool and test-and-learn methodology has been adopted by FOX SPORTS Australia internally, creating further alignment between the partners.

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We always loved the Buzzfeed-style approach of snackable content and giving our users more options at the end of each article. While we understood the benefits, we hadn’t fully built the capability in-house. Taboola offered this with a turn key solution, with minimal effort or resource. Our customers have another avenue to continue engaging with our content, as we bring fans closer to the game like never before! In addition, their AB testing tool and test and learn methodology is one we adopt internally, so it’s great to be aligned on that front.

- Debs Majumdar, Commercial Manager, Fox Sports