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Solar Energy Company

A Solar Energy Company Enrolls Over 1K Sustainable Homes Across New Zealand With Taboola

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Regional Targeting Drives Over 10% Average Conversion Rate

  • 10% Targets Completed Form Sign-Ups
  • $3 CPA That Is Lower Than Goal
  • 1K High-Quality Leads Generated

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A New Zealand energy company that produces solar panels powering homes in the Auckland area.


Attracting customers, based on a specific geographical location, to learn more about solar energy systems and connecting them with the company’s team of sales representatives.


Utilize Taboola’s targeting capabilities by bidding only in areas where the company can implement panels and analyze signals to match people with the right content at the right time.


Increase in highly-qualified leads that resulted in CPA lower than the original goals.

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Solar energy represents an exciting new way for people to power their homes, but marketing the panels can prove difficult as only certain types of houses and regions are suitable for implementations. In order to boost their efforts at identifying prospective homes for installation, a New Zealand solar energy company (referred to as “NZSE”) leveraged Taboola’s discovery platform to engage targeted audiences around the web, and enroll new prospective customers to take the next step towards equipping their homes for a sustainable future.

Regional Targeting Drives Over 10% Average Conversion Rate

Using Taboola’s advanced targeting capabilities, our partner was able to recommend their offerings on top sites around the web, bidding only on audiences that were based in the Greater Auckland area. Upon clicking on NZSE’s promoted content, consumers were taken to an interactive questionnaire on the company’s website, providing information about the latest solar energy systems and requesting information such as postcode, roof type, house size, and more. Over 10 percent of visitors that clicked through to these pages completed the forms, an unprecedented conversion rate far outpacing other online marketing channels that NZSE has used in the past.

Discovery Beats Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Goals With Less Than $3.00 For Each New Lead

IBackstage is Taboola’s comprehensive analytics and campaign management dashboard, providing our partners with full transparency into the performance of their promoted campaigns. By implementing Taboola’s tracking code onto their landing pages, NZSE was able to track discovery-driven conversions and analyze which audiences were performing better than others. Empowered with these insights, the Taboola and NZSE teams worked together to further optimize the campaigns, reaching an average CPA of $2.70 per new lead and enabling the company’s promoted content to better scale across the Taboola network.

Personalization Drives Over 1K High-Quality Leads

Taboola’s discovery platform is rooted in personalization technology that analyzes hundreds of signals (e.g. time, device type, social media trends) to match people with the right content at the right time, and drives high-quality audiences for our marketing partners. In their campaign to recruit new customers, NZSE also recognized the power of personalization, providing on-site visitors with tailored recommendations around what solar panel system would best suit their home, based on the information they submitted. Working together, our teams were able to generate over 1,000 new sign-ups and leads. We connected prospective customers with NZSE’s team of sales representatives, and spreading sustainable energy to more homes throughout New Zealand.

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In its mission to enlist new homes, our client had very specific targeting requirements regarding geography and house type. Taboola worked with the NZSE team on not only meeting those needs, but continually optimizing the campaigns to drive the most cost-effective lead-gen efforts the company has achieved across any channel.

- Nikita Olsen, New Zealand Media Account Manager, Taboola APAC