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Taboola Feed has arrived - bringing the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks to the open web. It’s a game-changer for publisher revenue and advertiser performance.

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with the Leading Content Discovery Platform

  • Build Audience

    Acquire customers, increase awareness or build an audience through content

  • Monetize Content

    Maximize revenue through third-party sponsored content

  • Increase Engagement

    Optimize the value of your editorial and native content

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Giovedì Settembre 14th

Taboola has brought Taboola Feed to UK brands, a social-like feed that combines “in-feed video” with sponsored content, products, and apps in a card-like-experience, with BT as its first big name customer.

Mercoledì Agosto 30th

"We spoke to Gil Chamiel, Director of Data Science and Algorithm Engineering at Taboola, to understand how the predict


Giovedì Febbraio 22nd by Robert McNeil
Native advertising can come in many different shapes, sizes and experiences. Paid-Search and Social ads have made up the bulk of many companies’ strategies, but more and more advertisers have begun...
Domenica Febbraio 18th by Megan Morreale
The agency environment and native advertising haven’t always been immediate obvious friends, but according to Publicis, they should be. I sat down with Marcin Woźniak, Communication Strategy Director...
Giovedì Febbraio 15th by Barry Feldman
Marketing managers, agency folks, eh-hem, can have your attention please? I need to ask you a simple question… Are you able to scale your Google AdWords and Facebook ads to reach a larger audience?...