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Snack Media Monetizes Hundreds of Sports Media Sites Effectively Using Taboola Feed

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With Taboola, Snack Media Sees 3% Organic CTR

  • 150+ sites simultaneously monetized
  • 3% organic click-through rate (CTR)

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Snack Media is a leading independent sports digital media company with over 30m sports fans. They specialise in multi-channel content creation, distributed at scale.


Increase engagement with organic content and revenue while maintaining a good user experience.


Implement the Taboola Feed and various features including a comment box.


With Taboola, Snack Media was able to lift CTRs for their publishers and increase revenue from publisher pages.

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Snack Media is a leading independent sports digital media company with over 30m sports fans. When they discovered that the bottom of their publishers’ articles was not being used to it’s full potential, they realised they were missing an opportunity to get more out of this space.

With Taboola, Snack Media’s publishers’ end of article space was turned into a stronger source of revenue and community building through the Taboola Feed and Comment Modules.

Snack Media Helps Many Sites Increase Revenue

Snack Media Helps Many Sites Increase Revenue

Snack Media’s #1 goal is to effectively help their clients monetise. They consider user experience first, and are always concerned with helping publishers stay on brand. For their network of publishers, Taboola Feed met all of these needs.

Taboola Feed was simple for Snack Media’s publishers to adopt, which in turn made it easier for them to sell to them.

Implementing the Taboola Feed at scale allowed Snack Media to increase the revenue on many of the sites within their network.

Taboola Feed brings the familiar infinite scrolling experience that users love to publishers’ sites on the open web. This next generation below- article experience delivers engaging ‘card’ formats that contain a variety of content including video, articles, slideshows, and a host of third-party experiences, all personalized for the user.

Snack Media Helps Publishers Engage Users and Build Community Using Comment Module

To further reduce dead space, Snack Media worked with publishers to implement Comment Modules. Here, not only were readers able to continue to engage with content, but they were also able to interact with one another, and establish a sense of community.

For many of the publishers managed by Snack Media, reader engagement is key. The readers comment often, and enjoy having discussions in the comment sections of articles. Monetisation is also key, and the flexibility of Taboola’s products allowed Snack Media to achieve both and monetise without detracting from the engaging experience readers have come to expect.

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We found that the bottom of our publishers’ articles wasn’t being utilised effectively, and we were looking for stronger signals in revenue as well as increasing pages per visit. With Taboola, we were able to do more.

- Tom Jones, Head of Digital Operations, Snack Media