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Men’s Lifestyle Publisher Grizly Reports 200% Profit Growth With Taboola

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Taboola Outperforms Other Content Recommendation Networks

  • 3X More Revenue Per Session
  • 70% More Pages Per Visit
  • 10% Lower Bounce Rates

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Grizly is the go-to website for men, delivering fun, quality, and trending content on lifestyle, health, fitness, entrepreneurship, tech, and entertainment.


Building a profitable audience from scratch within a competitive digital media ecosystem; finding high quality traffic sources and new ways to efficiently monetize on-site visitors.


Leverage the full breadth of Taboola’s content discovery platform, working closely with account management to optimize its content strategy and improve the profitability of its users.


Taboola-referred users generated 3x more revenue per session, and consumed 60-70% more pages per visit, compared to other content recommendation networks. Grizly’s overall bounce rates dropped by 10%, time-on-page increased by 30 seconds, and profit jumped 200%.

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Launched in the summer of 2015, Grizly was created as a go-to resource for adventurous men across the web, providing a lively mix of content that covers lifestyle, health, fitness, entrepreneurship, tech, and entertainment. Like any new digital publisher, faced with the daunting task of building an audience from scratch, its co-founders were looking for new ways to make its articles more discoverable and profitable.

Through a strategic partnership with Taboola, Grizly was able to embrace both sides of the content discovery channel, tapping into high-quality audiences across the web and better monetizing its on-site users.

Taboola Outperforms Other Content Recommendation Networks

As popular social media platforms become crowded and expensive, content discovery has emerged as a major channel for publishers to reach new audiences. Rather than promoting content within a never-ending feed, discovery platforms like Taboola deliver personalized content recommendations on top sites across the web, through high-impact placements alongside editorial.

Grizly ran initial tests with several content recommendation networks, but found that Taboola’s audience was more engaged than any other competitor. Drawing on its premium lineup of websites, Taboola-referred visitors consumed 60-70 percent more pages per visit on Grizly than any other competing discovery channel, translating into 3x more revenue per session.

With the influx of these new, higher-value audiences, Grizly has seen its overall bounce rate drop by 10% and average time-on-page increase by 30 seconds.

Collaborating on a Winning Content Strategy

In order to maximize the impact of Grizly’s acquisition efforts, Taboola’s account management team consulted with its co-founders on crafting an effective content strategy. An increased focus on shareable and inspirational stories — such as an article about graduate students renovating an old school bus for a cross-country road trip — enabled Grizly to reach wider and more premium audiences across the web.

Taboola also worked with Grizly around optimizing the on-site user experience. The teams shifted towards a cleaner page design with non-intrusive monetization units.

Combined with Taboola’s personalized recommendations, these changes encouraged users to stick around for longer, and enabled Grizly to extract more value per visit.

200% Profit Growth (And Counting)

Less than six months after partnering with Taboola, Grizly has already seen significant growth in its overall business. Taboola’s high-quality audiences — who stay on site for longer periods of time, and engage more frequently — enabled the company to more efficiently allocate its content promotion budgets.

After accounting for traffic acquisition costs, Grizly has reported that its profit grew by 200 percent throughout its partnership with Taboola. Looking forward, its co-founders plan to build out a new network beyond Grizly, including five additional properties within the next three years. They see content discovery as a crucial part of their overarching strategy in ramping up those new operations.

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As the level of competition in digital media continues to escalate, it’s crucial to build partnerships with companies that share your goals. Taboola has worked closely with us on solidifying our overall strategy and now we are growing more quickly “ than we ever imagined.

- Casey Curtis, Co-Founder of Grizly, Head of Vision & Strateg