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Boomerang Reaches Audiences on Top Sites Around the Web, Powering User Acquisition

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Landing Page Optimizations, Powered By A/B Testing

  • 140% Increase In Conversion Rate
  • 52% Decrease In Cost-Per-Action
  • 3.5% Leads Generated During Trial Period

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Boomerang is a browser extension for Gmail that allows users to schedule messages to be sent, track messages, and schedule email reminders.


Heavy reliance on paid and organic search channels, low conversion rate, and high cost-per-acquisition.


Conduct A/B testing to create the most effective landing page and leverage Taboola’s discovery platform to reach customers that lead to full acquisition.


More engaged customers who converted to a full subscriber that lead to a lower cost-per-acquisition.

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Boomerang for Gmail is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that allows users to take control of their email inboxes. Boomerang integrates seamlessly into the Gmail interface and enables users to schedule emails to send later, snooze messages, and get automatic reminders for when they need to follow up with an email that doesn’t get a response. The extension also includes read receipts and additional email productivity features that help users reach the coveted Inbox Zero.

Building on its user acquisition efforts, which had primarily been conducted through paid and organic “search” channels, Boomerang was looking to add “discovery” to its marketing portfolio and teamed up with Taboola to reach new audiences on top sites around the web.

Discovery Vs. Search: Testing For The Perfect Landing Page

Discovery Vs. Search: Testing For The Perfect Landing Page

In order to maximize the impact of its “discovery” campaigns, Taboola’s content strategists worked closely with the Boomerang team on creating the most effective landing page. Boomerang’s existing page versions were optimized for “search” traffic, featuring minimal text and “Install Now” buttons placed high on the page, which aligned with the mindsets of users who had come to their landing page with a goal.

Alternatively, users arriving through Taboola had discovered Boomerang while consuming content on publisher websites. Taboola’s best practices provided actionable advice around re-designing the landing page for these “discovery” users, who were primarily interested in learning more about the service. The addition of in-depth content explaining how Boomerang solves many inbox-related problems, combined with engaging visuals and interesting data points, helped guide Taboola-referred visitors toward a prominent “Install Now” button placed further down the page.

Rigorous A/B testing, spanning dozens of iterations, featured different content types and images, button sizes and colors, and alternative layout schemes, uncovering the top-performing combination for Boomerang.

Conversion Rates Jump 140% And Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Drops 52%

Following the implementation of Taboola’s best practices, audiences proved to be much more engaged upon arriving at the Boomerang landing page.

Story-driven content captured the attention of users, and the gradual build-up towards a call-to-action increased their likelihood of converting. These more impactful landing pages boosted conversion rates by over 140 percent and generated an average conversion rate of greater than 5 percent throughout the campaign. Better-converting landing pages had the added benefit of lowering Boomerang’s CPA, and ongoing optimizations around headline selection targeted only the audiences most likely to be interested in learning more about the service. As a result of these combined efforts, Boomerang saw its conversion costs drop by 52 percent, resulting in a CPA below their target, leading them to dedicate twice their resources to Taboola.

Over 3.5k Leads Generated During Testing Period

Boomerang hosted this “trial” period on a series of testing sites, allowing for flexible development and implementation of different page versions. Throughout the extensive rounds of optimizations, Taboola generated over 3,500 leads for Boomerang, driving interested users to the final download page. Once these testing sites go live, those leads will become fully-trackable “downloads,” and Boomerang’s campaigns on Taboola will ramp up significantly, turning “discovery” into a major customer acquisition channel for Boomerang alongside “search.”

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We’ve had tremendous success with new users signing up to use Boomerang through search and referral channels, but our team was looking for a new way to share the benefits of Boomerang with people who may not have heard of it yet. Taboola was a true partner and strategic advisor as we tapped into the ‘discovery’ channel, working with us to better understand these new audiences and perfect our strategy for engaging with them

- Chris Cichon, Marketing at Boomerang