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Wikitree Sees Uplifts in Monthly Revenue, Engagement, and Pages per Session with Taboola Feed

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With Taboola, Wikitree Increases Pages per Session by 54%

  • 1938% Increase in Monthly Ad Revenue
  • 54% Increase in Pages per Session

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One of Korea’s leading publishers, Wikitree diversifies the way readers look at the world, and promotes empathy and communication among generations.


Getting a young audience to stay on site longer, and finding a replacement partner to correct for a suboptimal user experiences where display ad units covered article content.


Use Taboola Feed to provide a cleaner user interface, increase revenue and engage site visitors.


With Taboola, Wikitree saw uplifts in monthly ad revenue, engagement, and pages per session.

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Wikitree, one of the largest publishers in Korea, diversifies the way their young readers view the world. Given the youth of their readership, Wikitree ran into a repeated struggle with keeping readers engaged on their site for long periods of time.

They also experienced a pain point with display ads. The position on their website in which these ads were being placed interfered with their articles, creating an unpleasant experience for the reader.

With Taboola, they were able to tackle these head on.

Wikitree Sees Success With a Variety of Taboola Features Including Next Up and Detach to Slider

Wikitree Sees Success With a Variety of Taboola Features Including Next Up and Detach to Slider

Originally, Wikitree distributed content using Facebook Instant Articles, but found traffic to be low-quality and underperforming, so they instead switched to distributing content through traditional Facebook posts and monetizing users on their own site.

Part of that strategy was the implementation of the Taboola Feed. In addition to the continuously scrolling Taboola Feed on their article pages, Wikitree also implemented it into their AMP Pages, further broadening the opportunities they had for readers to click and engage.

Wikitree utilized Next Up, a Taboola feature that re-engages users before they bounce by surfacing recommendations above the fold in a sticky slider unit.

They also used Detach to Slider, in which a video detaches from Feed and adheres to the corner of the screen once the user scrolls past, in order to increase viewability and completion rates in a nonintrusive way.

Wikitree Feels Confident in Their Dedicated and Hands-On Account Management Team

Wikitree felt assured in their around-the-clock access to their Taboola account management team.

Through their account management team, Wikitree was able to access real-time suggestions and improvements, A/B testing, quarterly business reviews, and ongoing optimization of their campaign.

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In less than a year after implementing the Taboola Feed, we’ve seen a significant increase in revenue, an uplift in pages per session, and a cleaner and more appealing UI on our articles page.

- Jung young Noh, Brand News Team Lead, Wikitree