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Over 13,000 People Discover Insurance Possibilities Thanks to Samsung Life Direct and Taboola

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Samsung Life Direct’s Gamified Conversion Funnel Sees Incredible Success on Taboola

  • 13,000+ Insurance Quotes Given in Just Six Months
  • 21% Higher CVR for Insurance Quotes Given than Display Network Channels

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Samsung Life Direct was created three years ago for the purpose of digital marketing activities to increase online sales for insurance products from Samsung Life.


Find the right marketing strategy to increase online sales using their insurance savings calculator, by increasing the number of insurance quotes given via that calculator.


Use the Taboola discovery platform to reach new Korean audiences on premium publisher sites and increase online sales.


With Taboola, Samsung Life Direct delivered over 13,000 insurance quotes in just six months—users from Taboola were 21% more likely to convert than display network channels.

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In 1957, Samsung Life was founded on management principles that treasure family values, making a positive contribution to Korean society. Since its inception, Samsung Life has strived to protect the lives and wealth of people with its insurance services.

They created the Samsung Life Direct department for the purpose of digital marketing activities, and to the increase online sales for insurance products offered by Samsung Life. They were looking for new media to increase these sales, and Taboola was contributed greatly to their success.

The company is committed to helping its insurance customers prepare financially and minimize risk related to life’s uncertainties, offering insurance solutions that meet each customer’s financial goals.

Search and Display Fail to Provide Both Value and Scale

Search and Display Fail to Provide Both Value and Scale

Samsung Life Direct uses a full-funnel digital strategy that includes video, search, and display channels—and now Taboola—to reach consumers across Korea. For this campaign, they focused on driving sales through new media channels.

Looking to promote their Savings Insurance, Pension Savings Insurance and Pension Insurance, Samsung Life Direct built an interactive calculator to engage new potential customers by providing them access to their potential savings upfront. The quote given via their calculator was the most important key performance indicator (KPI) for driving online sales.

Search was valuable for driving high intent customers to their calculator to increase the number of insurance quotes given, but scale was limited. Other display networks were effective, but costly—they needed more value for their budget.

Samsung Life Direct turned to native advertising with Taboola where they saw an increase in both brand awareness and performance metrics, all on a limited marketing budget.

The combination of Taboola and Samsung Life Direct’s gamified funnel was incredibly effective for two reasons—it appealed to customer needs without diving into too many product details, and it made the product’s purpose clear to people who were discovering something new.

Creative Testing Leads to Bigger Brand Awareness and a 7% Conversion Rate

Samsung Life Direct wanted their native campaigns to appeal to customer needs and curiosity without having to focus on complex financial terms.

To accomplish this tone, their Taboola campaign included headlines like, “How Much Should We Save Each Month?,” “How Much Can I Save If I Put Away $X Each Month?,” and “What Will My Tax Savings Be?”

Taboola made it easy to test diverse creative and landing page combinations to optimize performance.

Samsung Life saw a conversion rate of 7%, which was an increase of 63% from previous campaigns. Overall, Taboola delivered over 13,000 insurance quotes—users from Taboola were 21% more likely to convert than other display networks.

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We built a website to sell our insurance product online. To drive more sign ups, we started running digital campaigns. To encourage sign-ups, the completion of our quote calculator was the most important behavior. Taboola hugely contributed in expanding our strategy to new digital channels, and helped is gain more online customers.

- Gahee Lee, Digital Sales Section Manager, Samsung Life Insurance