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TUI Group passenger 6A

Passenger 6A Significantly Grows Audience with Taboola

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Campaign Budget Shifts to Taboola after Initial Success with Conversions

  • 600 Overnights Booked
  • 317 Million Content Impressions
  • 97% Percent of traffic driven by content discovery

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P6A is TUI’s digital flagship editorial brand designed to increase passengers through branded content strategies. Their offerings include global tour operators, five airlines, over 300 hotels, and a series of destination cruises.


Use editorial brand Passenger 6A and TUI India ( e-commerce to drive conversions for “Visit Britain” campaign and support direct travel package sales.


Use Taboola’s discovery platform to drive conversions and increase web traffic to P6A and TUI India, and decrease CPA with promoted content.


Content discovery with Taboola drove 4,329 users that converted into 600 overnight bookings, 317+M content impressions and the majority of 97% of all traffic for “Visit Britain” campaign.

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P6A is TUI’s digital flagship editorial brand designed to increase visitors to destinations through branded content strategies. Their objective is to awake the desire to travel through inspirational and topic-driven stories while suggesting the perfect offer or package to meet those needs.

For this campaign, the e-commerce website where the travel offerings to Britain were featured was TUI India’s site, P6A aimed to drive brand awareness, qualified traffic and and increase of package sales.

TUI is the world’s largest tourism group. Their broad portfolio consists of tour operators, 1,600 travel agencies and leading online portals, five touristic airlines with around 150 aircraft, over 300 hotels with 214,000 beds, 14 cruise liners and countless incoming agencies in all major destinations around the globe. TUI takes pride in their global responsibility for economic, environmental and social sustainability, on record with more than 20 years of commitment to sustainable tourism.

Campaign Budget Shifts to Taboola after Initial Success with Conversions

P6A’s “Visit Britain” branded content campaign in India included eleven articles, two videos and two e-magazines; and nine articles, four trip packages and three email blasts.

Passenger 6A began using Taboola when they didn’t see the competitive pricing desired when promoting this content using another discovery campaign platform. TUI’s editorial brand leveraged both platforms for content distribution simultaneously, and saw a spike in impressions, traffic and conversions with the campaign run by Taboola.

A low CPA on Taboola led them to shift more investment to Taboola for the duration of the campaign. The audience for the Passenger 6A began to not only grow, but to successfully convert. Overall, content discovery performed much better than social media, which drove less than one percent of traffic for this campaign.

Taboola Leads to Bookings, Conversions and a Lot More Traffic

Working with Taboola, P6A obtained more than 317+M impressions that converted into 249,820 visits to articles on P6A and TUI India. 4,329 of those users decided to visit pages that included TUI packages. This resulted in 96 bookings through TUI India, and 600 overnights.

After success targeting prospects, and analyzing hundreds of real-time signals to show people content they actually want to read with Taboola, TUI will be exploring expanded opportunities with Taboola to continue to grow and scale in other countries.

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In several new markets, we wanted to start selling travel packages directly to customers online. We created the Passenger 6A (P6A) editorial brand to educate consumers about our offerings, and saw immense success in audience growth and content engagement with Taboola during our recent ‘Visit Britain’ campaign.

- Nuria Cabot, Global Marketing Director, Passenger 6A