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Taboola Helps Propstory Generate Interest From 10,000 People In Luxury Apartments Per Month

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Propstory Sees 40% Increase in Conversions with Taboola Sponsored Content

  • 10,000 People Interested In Apartments Per Month
  • 40% Increase In High-Quality Conversions

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Propstory is a leading digital marketing agency in India running marketing campaigns for internationally known real estate clients.


Drive interest in properties they’re trying to sell and increase brand awareness for primary sale real estate companies.


Use Taboola sponsored content to reach desired audiences and improve the quality of generated leads.


With Taboola, Propstory saw a 100% overall increase in YOY output and a noticeable increase in high-quality conversions

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Propstory is a leading digital marketing agency in India overseeing the marketing efforts of a portfolio of internationally-known real estate clients.

Propstory’s primary focus is to most effectively sell as many units as possible for their clients, and ensure that potential buyers are aware of available apartments as well as aware of their clients as brands.

Propstory Leans on Taboola Sponsored Content For Full-Funnel Marketing Campaigns

Propstory Leans on Taboola Sponsored Content For Full-Funnel Marketing Campaigns

When Propstory’s global real estate clients entered the real estate market, the available information about under-construction properties in India was quite varied and unreliable. Propstory filled this information gap and provided prospective homebuyers with updated data.

Their goal was to assist developers in reaching their target audience through content marketing for top of the funnel (TOF) KPIs. Propstory used Taboola sponsored content campaigns to help drive traffic to their clients’ blogs and websites, which contain information and data that’s highly relevant for a homebuyer in the research phase. Today, their content portal and targeted content marketing campaigns fetch optimal ROIs.

Propstory was looking for a lift in lead generation as well as brand awareness, but they were hitting a wall in their efforts with Facebook and Google. Taboola sponsored content was able to get Propstory the quality audience and the conversions that they were looking for, and act as a full funnel partner.

Propstory Drives Lower Funnel Results with Smart Bid and Other Targeting Tactics for All Propstory Real Estate Clients

Propstory strives to optimize the funnel for all real estate clients effectively—first identifying an objective, and second, identifying the target audience taking into account demographics like age, location, interests and more.

They then evaluate available online marketing channels and eventually narrow down on the one which is generating good quality leads.

For their global real estate clients, Propstory makes great use of Taboola’s targeting features, from geo-targeting, to optimizing by site with Taboola’s Smart Bid, to more granular ways to hone in on the most relevant audiences.

Smart Bid utilizes data from billions of conversions to bid intelligently at the right moments, from the first dollar spent. It operates based on signals like user data, hour, site, device and location, and efficiently scales campaigns automatically.

To promote their clients’ properties, Propstory leverages landing pages that lead directly to sites that host a form that users can fill out in order to receive more information about properties.
With other native and social channels, Propstory struggled with generating quality leads. Over the last three years, Propstory has worked with many real estate brands and has successfully managed to provide them good quality leads using Taboola’s discovery platform.

Propstory views Taboola’s account management team as one of the key factors in their success––they have successfully guided Propstory through a plan that would be the most effective for their goals, and will continue to do so going forward.

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Since partnering with Taboola, the quantity and quality of leads generated has increased tremendously. Over the last three years, we’ve worked with a lot of real estate brands and have successfully managed to provide them with good quality leads via Taboola.

- Ashish Mahajan, CEO, Propstory