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Londonist Discovers Additional Revenue They Can Count On With Taboola

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Londonist Sees 52% Increase in Below Article Placement Revenue with Taboola

  • 20% Of Overall Display Revenue
  • 52% Increase in Below Article

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Londonist is a platform sharing news, reviews, events, history, and hidden gems of London.


Gain enhanced performance from one of their website’s ad spaces and increase revenue from that ad unit, while ensuring a sync with brand voice, limiting quality complaints, and remaining nimble on edits and updates.


Use Taboola to feature high quality content that’s on brand for Londonist in an environment that’s engaging and relevant for visitors.


With Taboola, Londonist saw an increase in revenue from this ad space, a decrease in quality complaints, and improved satisfaction working with a monetization partner.

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Londonist is a UK-based platform for consumers looking to discover the best of London. Londonist shares insights on where to go, what to do, and how to get the most authentic experience in the city.

Londonist acts as an all-encompassing guide to the city, sharing its mainstream favorites as well as its hidden gems.

With Taboola, Londonist Finds Revenue Numbers They Can Count On

With Taboola, Londonist Finds Revenue Numbers They Can Count On

The uplift in revenue from Londonist’s end of article unit on both desktop and mobile is not only lucrative at the moment, but it also provides a reliable model against which they can plan when making future decisions.

Working with previous partners, Londonist felt that the display content being served to a particular ad unit could be improved, for a better match with Londonist’s brand voice and audience.

Since working with Taboola, Londonist is able to feel confident that discovery is tailored to their demographic, and if there is content that needs updating, there’s a reliable account management team standing by to help.

Londonist Implements Video to Drive Revenue

One important aspect of Taboola’s impact is the ability to seamlessly showcase video, and their elegant video placements have become an additional revenue driver for Londonist.

The thoughtful UX and bespoke design, in addition to the revenue impact, helps Londonist continue to increase reader satisfaction with ads, and maintain high quality standards.

Londonist Improves User Experience with Taboola

With Taboola on their platform and their Taboola account management team, Londonist has reported a decrease in issues around quality from this ad unit.

Prior to implementing Taboola, Londonist’s team received enquiries from readers about some of the off-message or lower-quality ad content they had been recommended in the end-of-article ad unit occupied by one of Londonist’s previous partners. This has been significantly reduced, indicating a more positive UX for the website audience.

Londonist Enjoys Recommendations and Insights from Dedicated Account Management Team

Londonist, having a technology team of their own, enjoyed the opportunity to have a variety of bespoke recommendations and insights sent their way from the Taboola team, and to have the ability to review and choose the ones that meshed best with their design and intended reader experience.

They were very much able to make the experience their own, but with the full support of their account management team.

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When it comes to the impact of our end-of-article display unit revenue, we could previously make some predictions, but it was really hard to make any actual growth decisions based on the data because revenue was more volatile. Now, we can actually make business decisions about growth based on what we’re seeing with Taboola, because the revenue stream is so reliable

- Lydia Manch, Managing Director, Londonist Introduction