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Food Network Increases Video Views by 160%

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Strategic Content Recommendation Leading to Further In-Site Engagement

  • 160% Increase in Video Views
  • 10% Increase in Page Visits
  • 23% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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Food Network is an American-based lifestyle channel, website, and magazine that connects its viewers through the power and joy of food.


Attract wider audience and establish brand awareness in the UK.


Leverage Taboola’s targeting technology and content discovery platform.


Significant increase in video views and site engagement—outperforming search, social, and other web site referrals.

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Food Network UK delivers a fresh approach to food programming and celebrates everything that is bold, fun and entertaining about the genre. It is not your typical ‘how to’ cooking channel. It is one of the fastest growing lifestyle and entertainment brands, packed with awardwinning cooking and competition shows. is the 24/7 companion to the TV channel, with daily TV listings, episode guides, chef biographies, recipes featured on air, blog posts and more. Recipes are organized by season, ingredient, chef, course, and cuisine to make meal planning easy.

As Food Network UK looks to build out their UK presence and attract a wider audience, they’ve partnered with Taboola for an audience development solution. Because of the wealth of terrific video and written content the Food Network creates, they run a two-pronged approach with their Taboola campaigns, one for text content and one for video.

Content Discovery works Better than Search

Content Discovery works Better than Search

Food Network uses Taboola’s algorithm to push their food related content and recipes across the web to readers who may want to discover fun cake decorating techniques or a new recipe to make for dinner tonight. Taboola’s traffic is the top performing paid solution, beating search, social, newsletter, and other website referrals. Month after month, Taboola has optimized to increase pages per visit by ~10% and decreased the bounce rate by ~23% on Taboola-referred traffic.

160% Increase in Video Views

Video is very popular with Food Network, as it’s a useful medium for demonstrating cooking techniques and showing off fancy examples of cuisine. Taboola has produced a 160% increase in video views, from 300k per month to 500k. Food Network’s video entitled “Wedding Cake Disaster” is the best performing with a CTR of 0.27% and over 150k clicks in May.

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Taboola has been an invaluable partner as we look to grow in the UK. Thanks to the power of the algorithm, we’ve seen video views increase 160%.

- Marco Betterini, Digital Traffic Strategist, Food Network UK