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Basic Bananas Basic Demonstrates How to Market Online Courses and Increases their Impact to Support more Business Owners by 20%

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Online Course Registrations Increase Dramatically After Taboola Campaign

  • +20% Online Course Registrations

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Basic Bananas is a global marketing education organization that supports small business owners in understanding how to grow their businesses through effective marketing.


To enroll more business owners into their marketing courses by engaging them with useful educational content or driving direct enrollments on a workshop registration landing page.


Use Taboola for both performance campaigns and editorial content campaigns to engage new students from multiple angles.


Outperformed expectations by cost-effectively increasing attendance at workshops across 14 cities around the world.

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Basic Bananas is a global marketing education organization that helps small business owners understand how to run great marketing campaigns to grow their companies.

The company offers workshops and educational programs across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Basic Bananas engaged Taboola to help business owners discover key educational content assets and drive registrations for its popular Marketing Blast-Off workshops.

Smart Targeting Assures Campaign Efficiency

Smart Targeting Assures Campaign Efficiency

Basic Bananas uses an integrated mix of online and offline marketing, including strategic partnerships, direct mail, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, social media content and content marketing. Adding Taboola to this mix proved to be one of its most effective strategies and supporting all other marketing strategies.

The company’s Taboola campaigns included both performance campaigns and editorial content campaigns, with creative that either linked straight to a landing page to book a ticket for a workshop or to an informative blog post.

Editorial content offered business owners a taste of the value of Basic Banana’s workshops – such as branding insights or information on creating a marketing plan. Visitors are then invited to join one of the company’s workshops. Taboola has fit perfectly into the overall approach, adding value first, and building relationships with their customers.

Taboola analyzes hundreds of real-time signals to promote Basic Bananas content to relevant audiences – reaching those most likely to be interested in their content and courses. Targeting only the most receptive audiences optimizes both conversions and costs for the company.

Basic Bananas Registrations Rose While Costs Dropped

Taboola exceeded Basic Bananas expectations by driving higher conversions at a lower cost than previous efforts.

The company typically has over three hundred business owners attend its marketing workshops on a monthly basis. With Taboola, that number has increased by 20%.

With the excellent ROI the company has seen to date, it plans to continue expanding its Taboola content discovery campaigns.

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Working with the Taboola team has been absolutely fabulous. What I love most about the team is that they are super proactive and truly understand marketing. We’ve found Taboola one of the best, engaging and most cost-effective marketing strategies to date. The results speak for themselves!

- Franziska Iseli, Co-Founder, Basic Bananas