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SolarQuotes Sees 100% Increase in Blog Traffic with Taboola

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Optimization Continually Enhances Campaign Results for SolarQuotes

  • +100% Increase in Blog Site Traffic

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SolarQuotes is an information resource covering all aspects of solar energy for homeowners in Australia, and providing quotes from diverse solar providers.


Scale and diversify online customer acquisition by improving traffic to their blog site.


Promote blog posts and other items with the Taboola discovery platform on sites inside and outside Australia.


With Taboola, SolarQuotes increased blog site traffic by 100%.

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SolarQuotes is an informative site covering all aspects of solar energy for homeowners in Australia. Through their comprehensive blog, SolarQuotes arms consumers with all the information they need to make informed decisions about solar power, including data, product reviews by real people, and trustworthy resources.

If consumers are interested in learning more, SolarQuotes then connects them to qualified suppliers.

Taboola Helps SolarQuotes Diversify Digital Channels

Taboola Helps SolarQuotes Diversify Digital Channels

SolarQuotes has been successful in driving form completions while keeping their cost per acquisition (CPA) low.

Their focus on cost per click (CPC) campaigns was leaving them too reliant on one form of advertising, and because they had success in the past using custom widgets on Australian publishers, they were interested in diversifying their digital channels.

SolarQuotes partnered with Taboola to recommend solar-related content to relevant audiences across the web, bringing homeowners interested in solar energy to the SolarQuotes website.

Once there, consumers could sign up to receive three free quotes from solar energy companies.

SolarQuotes used Taboola’s pixel to measure CPA on its landing pages, and to continuously refine campaign targeting.

Taboola’s account managers tested multiple stories each week, working with several headline and thumbnail combinations to optimize clicks.

SolarQuotes Site Traffic Increases 100%

With the Taboola discovery platform, SolarQuotes increased visitor volume to its blog by 100%.

SolarQuotes was able to tap a new market with their new reach—Australian consumers visiting non-Australian sites.

With Taboola’s 350M unique monthly users and continual optimization, SolarQuotes is able to scale its customer acquisition in a predictable, costeffective manner.

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Taboola’s account managers are a terrific asset. They are constantly helping to optimize the campaign, testing stories and headlines to achieve optimum clicks.

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