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Kueez Scales up to 100 Million Quality Page Views per Month with Taboola

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An Increase in Website Engagement was the Driving Force Behind Choosing Taboola

  • 100 Million Page Views per Month
  • 10 Average Pages per Session
  • 20% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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Kueez is a popular online personal content platform that drives tens of millions of views a month better.


Deliver audiences who will actively engage with Kueez, and drive the acquisition of users on a large scale, at an affordable cost.


Use the Taboola discovery platform to increase engagement and drive traffic at a large scale, for a lower CPA.


With Taboola, Kueez exceeded their target traffic goals by acquiring approximately 100 million page views per month, with a 20% decrease in bounce rate.

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Kueez is an online personal content platform that allows users to play games based on their Facebook profiles. Operating in eight languages worldwide, Kueez players receive high-quality content and hours of entertainment while advertisers are exposed to unique interactions with other players.

Kueez sees approximately 100 million pageviews per month around the world—and an average of up to 10 pages per visitor referred by Taboola.

“We have built a winning platform for all sides, with users receiving a high level of content and fun, while advertisers receive quality exposure and unique interaction with their target audience,” Mendi said.

An Increase in Website Engagement was the Driving Force Behind Choosing Taboola

Kueez uses several distribution channels to drive traffic to their site, but quickly realized after implementing Taboola that in terms of website engagement, Taboola was performing much above average.

With Taboola, they were approaching users that not only engaged highly with their games, but had already played the same types of games on other, similar, sites. Taboola was driving subscribers that consistently returned to the Kueez platform for more entertainment.

Part of their success was collaboration with Taboola from the beginning. The account management team was able to provide optimization insights and creative ideas that helped increase the success of Kueez campaigns.

Quality Traffic from Taboola Drives Unprecedented Engagement for Kueez

Taboola’s traffic turned out to be one of the most lucrative channel for Kueez’s main measurements of success—user acquisition, pages per session and bounce rate.

Kueez is currently scaling at an average of 100 million page views per month, at an average of up to 10 pages per session with Taboola in some domains. Campaigns with Taboola also showed a 9 percent bounce rate.

Working with Taboola, Kueez has found incredible scale in areas like US and Brazil, and have expanded their site into eight languages since—English Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and German.

Today, Kueez is actively running campaigns with Taboola in the US, Brazil, UK, Australia, Canada. France, Philippines, South Africa, Israel, Kuwait, UAE and with plans to expand dramatically.

Kueez is now looking to expand its relationship with Taboola by increasing scale in the current GEOs, and expanding to others.

In addition, the company is adding more branded and technology-based content to the website.

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We wanted a traffic source that would scale, but also bring users that would engage and be active on We’ve seen between 5 and 10 million new users a month with Taboola, but amazingly, have seen a huge increase in engagement—an average of 10 pages visited per user, whereas other channels we see six on average.

- Ori Mendi, CEO of PRPL & Co-founder of Kueez