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Euronews Doubles Revenue from Taboola as it Expands Taboola Products

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Euronews Sees Revenue Impact Just One Week After Taboola Feed Implementation

  • 100% Revenue Uplift
  • 60% Increase in Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

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Euronews is an international media channel and site based in France, reaching over 412 million households worldwide and covering international news in 15 languages.


Increase revenue and engagement at scale, while providing a positive and engaging environment for an international audience.


Implement Taboola Feed and Taboola Newsroom to increase engagement, recirculate organic content, and increase data-driven editorial insights.


With Taboola Feed, Euronews achieved a 100% uplift in revenue and a 60% increase in organic CTR.

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Euronews offers a unique perspective on world events. It empowers people to make up their own mind by delivering factual analysis and a diversity of viewpoints. Because all views matter, Euronews is “All Views.”

Euronews’ 12 editions cover world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Every day, the Euronews team of over 500 journalists of 30 different nationalities work together reporting on relevant stories to serve a global audience, driven by solid uncompromising journalism.

Euronews Sees Revenue Impact Just One Week After Taboola Feed Implementation

Euronews originally started working with Taboola by implementing a widget recommending organic content. When they were successful, they wanted new ways to leverage the successful relationship between publisher and content discovery partner.

They started by focusing on increasing the number of pageviews per user. To do so, Euronews worked with Taboola account managers to adapt their article and landing pages for success with the Taboola Feed.

Today, Taboola Feed is implemented on sites in three languages, which include French, English and German. In the first month, they already saw a real impact on revenue.

Finally, Euronews is now testing Taboola Newsroom. Still in the early stages of implementation, Newsroom is currently leveraged by their product and editorial teams. They consistently leverage insights for a variety of editorial actions—one being timely social content.

A Combination of Products Drives Significant Engagement and Revenue Results

As their partnership with Taboola grew, Euronews saw a 100% uplift in revenue and a 60% increase in organic CTR—a major indication of higher engagement.

Euronews finds value in their relationship with Taboola account managers, whom Youva described as ‘very proactive’ in the implementation of Taboola Feed and site optimization process.

They are continuing to test the success of the Taboola Feed before expanding to other language sites, and are enthusiastic about future expansion plans.

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When we started working with Taboola, we first wanted to see a slight increase in revenue, and I’m happy to say that we succeeded. We started with Taboola’s former organic widget and later adopted the Taboola Feed. We saw significant uplift in revenue and engagement and have recently begun to incorporate Taboola Newsroom into our editorial environment as well—our results have been quite exciting.

- Youva Bouzidi, Head of Digital Products at Euronews