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SciPlay Increases iOS and Android Downloads and ROI with Long-term Taboola Partnership

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SciPlay Increases iOS and Android Downloads and ROI with Long-term Taboola Partnership

  • 8% Increase in ROI
  • 4.5% Higher Player Value Than Other Platforms
  • 6% Decrease in Cost Per Install Over Time

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SciPlay is a leading global developer and publisher of mobile games.


Increase mobile app downloads and player value across Apple and Android devices.


Launch Taboola Motion Ads with contextual targeting across mobile devices, directing users to download the SciPlay app.


With Taboola, SciPlay was able to increase app downloads and player value among Apple and Android users, beating their ROI goals by 8%.

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SciPlay (NASDAQ: SCPL) is one of the world’s leading mobile gaming companies. The company has seven main studios in six countries and 800 employees. SciPlay brings the most engaging social casino, casual and bingo mobile games to audiences worldwide.

SciPlay combines a data-driven approach and advanced game economy with high-quality content to provide extremely
entertaining free-to-play games. The majority of SciPlay’s portfolio is in the social casino category offering games that stay true to the authentic spirit of some of the world’s biggest casino brands including: Jackpot PartyGoldfish CasinoQuick Hit Slots88 FortunesHot Shot Casinoand Monopoly Slots. Its casual games include Bingo ShowdownBackgammon Live and Solitaire Pets Adventure.

SciPlay Increases High-Quality Installs with Taboola Motion Ads

SciPlay Increases High-Quality Installs with Taboola Motion Ads

SciPlay was eager to increase mobile app downloads and in-app
revenue — specifically across Apple and Android devices. They were easily
able to focus on iOS users with Taboola, which hasn’t been affected by
iOS14 updates.

SciPlay wanted to further engage iOS and Android users and encourage
them to convert — generating a positive return on investment (ROI). They
just needed the tools to make it happen

A global leader in powering recommendations, Taboola helps advertisers
reach engaged audiences across top publisher sites. With Taboola’s
extensive network of partnerships, advertisers like SciPlay can tap into a
pool of over 500 million daily active users.

SciPlay worked with Taboola directly to run campaigns for two games.
Together, they built a series of Motion Ads — consisting of an eye-catching
graphic, added description for more information, and call-to-action like
“Download Now.” SciPlay also partnered with Taboola’s Creative Shop, a
global team of expert writers, designers, analysts, and strategists who pull
from billions of data points to optimize creative assets.

SciPlay’s ads were distributed across U.S. mobile devices, reaching
audiences when they were already engaged with relevant content. Once a
user clicked through, they could download the app advertised.

With Taboola Motion Ads, SciPlay was able to increase app
downloads as well as in-app revenue. Ultimately, Taboola drove
installs from higher-value players than other platforms.

SciPlay Increases ROI with Taboola Contextual Targeting

SciPlay used Taboola’s targeting and bidding tools to get in front of the
right mobile users and increase conversions.

To start, SciPlay implemented contextual targeting to engage readers
across certain verticals, including topics like household, sports, and
lifestyle. Contextual targeting was the driving force behind targeting the
right people with the right message.

With SmartBid — Taboola’s automated bidding technology — SciPlay
was able to optimize its bids to increase conversions. SmartBid matches
the right bid to the right user in real time, helping advertisers reach people
who are most likely to convert.

After partnering with Taboola, SciPlay beat its ROI goal by 8% and
decreased cost-per-install (CPI) by 6% over time.

SciPlay continues to engage and reach more audiences across iOS
and Android devices, and expand its passionate, global community of
game players.

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“By running Taboola Motion Ads for two of our games, we’ve been able to reach more U.S. mobile users across both iOS and Android devices and drive app downloads. Most importantly, Taboola has also helped us track and target high in-app spenders on both Apple and Android devices, generating a greater ROI and higher player value over time.”

- Daniel Tendler, User Acquisition Team Leader, SciPlay